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Skordas talks about possible legal action in hot car death of child

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Charges have not yet been filed after a Hurricane child after being left in a hot car.

Nineveh Dinha talks with legal expert Greg Skordas about what criteria goes into deciding if charges will be filed.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


    • Karen

      Me too Shirlsumm!! How can you forget child in hot car? Is that call accident? That case, some people leave children or their pets did accidentally? I don’t get it too. I want know why? Why? someone need responsible to her death. I don’t believe it is accident. No way.

    • kat

      It does not matter how busy your day is, or how fast you think you are going to be going in and out of a store or house, you don’t leave your child inside a vehicle, there is no excuse for that. That is just simply negligence on her part. How can someone think otherwise wise. This breaks my heart just to think how the baby suffered physically and emotionally.

  • DJames

    Maybe she left the baby because the baby was asleep. Maybe she went back to check on her periodically and thought she was still asleep, not realizing that the baby had passed away. I feel terrible for the mom. She is suffering enough and no punishment can be worse that what she is suffering.

  • nicole

    Why are people helping the family? How does that happen when the mother is responsible for her child. I don’t get it how do u forget your baby. You don’t forget your baby unless you don’t care.

  • Meanstreak

    I’m actually more Surprised that people ask how this could happen.
    When I heard this story my heart immediately sunk in so much pain for the mother. There is nothing in my mind set right now that I can think of that is a worse feeling then guilt or regret. It over comes you. Physically, emotionally. And spiritually tearing at ones soul. I couldn’t imagine the hell that she is living. Unless you have experienced guilt or regret to a level where you felt nothing could ever feel right again in you life and the helplessness and sadness completely overtakes you. I don’t think we can really not feel bad for every person in this situation. Could you imagin The amount of strength her husband has to pull from the inside to be forgiving, understanding, all while also grieving? Rhis family will be in pain for a very long time. And right now they I’m sure are in a very numbing place. In the months ahead is going to be a whole new place most if us will never understand.
    With all that being said: as a busy mom I could see this happening to me. They only thing that makes me relieved at this point is my kids are all old enough to unstrapped themselves and get out the car. A phone call, a accident with another child, anything can get you distracted enough we should all be able to understand that there is a point in our lives that we been distracted and forgot something. Yes it’s a child. And it seems like that would be a hard thing to forget, but to that mom she never thought she had forgotten.
    Super sad for everyone.

  • Meagan Leigh

    What does the family plan to do with the over $18,000 raised for them? It is more than enough to cover the funeral expenses and medical bills which I bet were reduced by the hospital and mortuary. Didn’t they have medical insurance? I hope they are not planning a family vacation to get away from bad memories. Want to bet she has another baby or is pregnant by this time next year?

  • Meanstreak

    My guess is they can do what they wish with it.
    My guess too is that the people that mostly donated to this family was because they already knew what type of family they were. They probably are closer to the situation and know their needs.
    Have you ever known someone, or maybe even yourself become so depressed or even insane after loosing a child, husband, wife, friend and so on? Just wondering because I thought about how much they would loose if the father couldn’t even manage to go back to work for 6 months a year? What about the mom? She probably doesn’t want to return back to work right now. It’s I’m sure more then any of us
    from the outside could assume it would be like.
    I’m hoping I will never never know hell like that.
    And since I can’t know what that is like. Going to make one more wild guesse. I could only imagine. And then I know for sure I wouldn’t even come close to being on target.

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