No arrests or charges yet after Hurricane baby dies in hot car

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HURRICANE, Utah – So far, no one has been arrested and no charges have been filed after an 11-month-old baby died in a hot car in Hurricane.

Hurricane Police Sgt. Brandon Buell said authorities are still investigating.

He said when the investigation is complete, it will be turned over to the district attorney’s office.

Sgt. Buell said there is no confirmed timeline for the investigation.

Officials said a car was parked on a residential road near N. Main St. and 300 N., when a family member noticed a baby inside around 1 p.m. Friday.

Friends identified the girl as Skyah Suwyn and Hurricane Police Department officials later confirmed the victim’s identity.

At the time of the baby’s death, the outside temperature in Hurricane was about 93 degrees, according the National Weather Service.

However, temperatures inside a car with no air conditioning and the windows rolled up can exceed 140 degrees, according to many experts.

When police arrived, they said the infant was not breathing and unresponsive.

Officials said this is the first child in Utah to die this year due to being left in a hot car and this is the 20th such death to occur in the United States this year.

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  • Truth

    Disgusting. It is clear that the people responsible for this little one were grossly and criminally negligent to such a degree that she lost her life in one of the most inhumane manners imaginable. Their regret is NOT punishment enough. If they’d killed a neighbor’s child in such a manner, they’d certainly be held criminally responsible. Stop circling the wagon around these baby killers and let them face the music.

    Let their criminal charges serve as a deterrent to other negligent parents.

    I bet nobody’s phone was forgotten in the car, nobody’s wallet or purse.

    This was negligence, pure and simple.

    • Bob

      Nice comment from a puke who knows absolutely nothing about this case, has no children of his own, and has no idea what he is talking about. There will be no criminal charges filed in this case, and that will leave you scratching your head and trying to figure out why.

    • EmpiresFall801

      This is absolutely horrendous. This woman should be put in prison. I agree with CONCERNED MOM AND LAWYER IN L.A., this is beyond suspicious. I don’t care what her history is as a mother prior to this incident, or how sorry she is, or what religion/ ‘community’ she is affiliated with. All of that is mute. She is responsible for the death of a human being with whom’s care she was charged. She failed in the worst possible way and should be held completely accountable criminally.

    • Truth

      This is just one more example of the legal system being used in a discriminatory way. If this had not been a ‘good, upstanding, well-known’ mormon family, do you think that the charges would have been handled the same way? Some shoplifter in Springville a while back got charged with child endangerment for leaving her older kids in a hot car while she was in the store and being questioned by cops. Her children didn’t even get INJURED, but she was charged with a crime. Then you have an instance of a mother who literally cooks her child to death in the car and who police are reluctant to charge because she’s suffered enough. The law is supposed to be blind and equitable. You shouldn’t be let off the hook just because people can relate to your crime and be held to a higher standard because people think you’re a terrible person.

      I realize that there is a degree of intent required for charges to be filed, I also realize that negligence is the opposite of intent.

      The law isn’t supposed to be about keeping certain people down and protecting others.

      Charges need to be filed in this case. There was CLEAR negligence. That baby didn’t strap herself in, any more than the shoplifter’s children did.

  • R25810

    I am sure glad that you won’t be the judge. You have no idea what you are talking about. This is a terrible accident. I would never, I am a good Mom or Dad, i don’t make any mistakes, I have ever had an accident, I have never done something wrong etc, etc. You know nothing. This is caused by a fatal distraction. It happens to wonderful parents, grandparents and caregivers!!

  • Concerned in Washington Utah

    I cannot fathom any distraction great enough to cause a mother to forget her baby in a hot car. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve thought about it long and hard, being I am a mother of 3, and no matter the situation I just can’t wrap my mind around the thought of anything that would make this okay or forgivable in any way whatsoever. Yes, I’ve been a busy mom in my time, however routine a mom’s day becomes, a baby isn’t an item to space off. A mom who takes the time to ensure that babies safety by consciously placing that baby in a car seat, placing the seatbelt around that babies child safety seat and driving away to partake in her routine, no matter how varied, should have that child on her mind first and foremost. I agree with Truth. Charges must be filed. This is unacceptable. I can only wonder if like was said earlier, did she remember her purse? Her car keys? Her cell phone? In a society where we feel incomplete and have trained ourselves to remember these “vital” objects a mother brain should be subconsciously wired to automatically remember her child is in her car just like all the other things she gathers ad she exits her vehicle .

  • Concerned Mom and Lawyer in L.A.

    Sorry folks but this child’s death is beyond suspicious: Mom rushes to use the bathroom, thinks she put the baby down to nap, never once thinks to check on the child for several hours, then leaves to pick up her sons but again ‘forgets’ the napping baby, only to find her dead in the car. And in the meantime thousands of dollars are being donated? Very troubling to provide financial support when the family and church can certainly assist with funeral costs.

  • Shameful

    I’m sorry but I have to agree with all of the above statements. I am a mother of two little ones, and of course I’ve made mistakes just like anyone else, but that’s not what this is. This was not a mistake, this was pure negligence.
    I can’t even fathom ‘forgetting’ either of my children in a car, never-mind a HOT car. That’s just not something you forget about. My children are almost always at the forefront of my mind, because I love them and because that’s my job as a mother. Especially when they are infants. Infants take up so much of your time, from sun up to sun down. So, how this mother failed to check on her baby after several hours, is beyond baffling. A few minutes? Sure. But several hours?
    And why in Gods name are they receiving money? Un-fricken-believable! We raise money for things like a parent losing their small infant child to heart disease, as my brother so recently did. Not for “checking out” because Mom is stressed out, or because they are just literally that stupid. If you can’t keep track of your kids, stop having them.
    I know it’s harsh, but it is absolutely true. It’s also hard to have sympathy for people that cause these things to happen, because as a mother, it is your duty to care for your child(ren) and do everything in your power to keep them from harms way. Not to be the one causing harm to them.

    • Karen

      I agreed 100% with you. I raised two sons & I never ever forget about them. Even my niece knows don’t live your pets or child in the hot car.. Even TV News saying like everyday. This is basic common sense. Her baby died because of her. She need get justice. If I’m her, I’ll go to jail because it is 100% my fault & I killed my baby.

  • EmpiresFall801

    I have created a facebook page “Justice for Skyah Suwyn” to show support for criminal charges as the authorities decide what to do? Please like the page and share your opinions and comments! I am based in Utah and I am outraged that this woman has not been charged with man slaughter, let alone even negligence.

  • EmpiresFall801

    I have created a facebook page “Justice for Skyah Suwyn” to show support for criminal charges as the authorities decide what to do? Please like the page and share your opinions and comments! I am based in Utah and I am outraged that this woman has not been charged with man slaughter, let alone even negligence. Please Help create awareness.


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