Video: Hundreds climb fence to crash sold-out Wu-Tang Clan show in SLC

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SALT LAKE CITY – Thousands of hip hop fans turned out to watch Wu-Tang Clan at Thursday night’s Twilight Concert, but only some of those who took in the show paid to see it.

The concert was held at Pioneer Park as part of the annual Twilight Concert Series, and the large chain link fence surrounding the venue was not enough to keep everyone out of the sold-out concert.

Video shot at the show people climbing over the fence to crash the concert, and hundreds of people who didn’t pay admission reportedly made it inside. The concert was $5 to get in without a season pass.

FOX 13 News’ Kelly Chapman has more on this story, see the video above for her report.


  • lynn cyrier

    bob you are so utah like… is this something we should get our investigative reporters on…no they brought WU TANG to pioneer park, capacity? So funny so proud of all SLC WU TANG FANS…hope all had an amazing time. Thanks to WU TANG hope you felt the energy you brought to slc

  • Tonya

    She was dead wrong for saying the indi band from Cali that will be performing next week “might not be worthy of jumping the fence for” really? She didn’t even pronounce the name right. Wow. RUDE

  • Joey

    I like the part where the anchor totally botches explaining things, then mocks her coworker when he asks for clarification.

  • I paid!

    The line for prepaid entrance had not moved in 20 minutes. They are dead wrong saying we had not paid. We paid more and could not get in. Way to NOT get it right.

  • I PAID TOO!!!!!

    They are totally dead wrong. I waited in line, ticket in hand, for over an hour and eventually just left. Twilight Concert Series needs to learn how to run a concert.

    • ron

      Oh sweet jesus! Kids are trying to get into a concert! Better get all resources on this immediately!

      You mormons really dont have anything better to do, do ya?

  • Bryce

    I didn’t even knew this happened. I got knocked out cold at the end of Run The Jewels set, got carried out, and still made it back up front in time for Wu-Tang!

  • Him

    I didn’t hop the fence even though I was right near the spot when it happened. How I regret not hopping the fence. I then waited in line for another 40 minutes while my favorite rap group played my favorite songs.

    Then, once we got to the front they didn’t even look at the tickets. They just ripped off the top of the ticket without even looking at it. Terrible coordination from the concert organization.

    Waited in line a total of 90 minutes, lines were inefficient because everybody just butted in line near the front.

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