Murdered teen’s last text message: ‘OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped’

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ARMADA, Mich. — Authorities are releasing some disturbing details after a 14-year-old girl was found murdered in Michigan.

Murdered Michigan teen and suspect

Left: Murder victim April Millsap. Right: Suspect in her murder.

According to Michigan Live, a very concerning text was sent from April Millsap’s phone the night she was murdered.

WGHP reported police confirmed a message was sent to April’s boyfriend.

Officials said it read, “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped.”

Police said the teen was killed after taking the family’s dog for a walk in the suburb outside of Detroit.

The teen’s body was found in the woods.

Police have released a sketch of a person of interest in the case but no suspect has been identified.

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  • katy

    Okay the girl had the time to use the phone, and decided to text her boyfriend? Not call 911 or even text your PARENTS?! Not blaming her, very sad that happened and I feel for her family, but simple common sense would have said to contact someone in authority. What are we teaching in school these days??

    • Anthony

      Until you know the circumstances it’s a bit ignorant to assume she could have called someone. Maybe it was someone she kind of knew and her text was kind of serious but kind of joking too. You never know. My heart goes out to the family and I hope they heal well.

    • Anthony

      Also what does school have to do with anything? Are you saying schools should have a class that teaches 14 year olds about kidnapping or something? I’m pretty sure kids are being taught things like English, history, math, computers and other similar subjects in school. Did you not attend school?

    • Christian

      When in a crisis situation like this, gunpoint and many others, people react differently. Your body enters fight or flight mode. For example, I was held at gunpoint and I literally couldn’t think or function. Judging someone’s reaction to a serious situation like this is redundant since everyone reacts differently and most times, people can’t think or function rationally.

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