Mother catching heat for dressing 4-year-old in Hooters outfit for pageant

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A mother is catching a lot of heat after she dressed her daughter as a Hooters waitress for a beauty pageant.

Gawker reported 33-year-old Leann and her 4-year-old daughter Scarlett were featured in a documentary entitled “Blinging Up Baby.”

Leann said she designed the costume and thought it was “cute.”

Critics say it’s not appropriate for a child.

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  • Live you own life

    I think it isn’t anyone else’s business and they need to worry about raising their own child or living their own life and stay out of other peoples business, That’s what’s wrong with he world we live in today

    • Desert Pete

      Yes, Joey, it is her child and it is her choice. It reminds me of the single mother who had her first child at age 16. Some mothers teach their children about morality, and some don’t. It’s their choice.

  • Ana L.

    It’s not like she is showing anything, i don’t think this is such a big deal, parents do worse to their kids and never get in trouble for it. Leave the mother alone, she decides for her kids.

  • dave

    i dont think its super horrible. ive been to hooters before i didnt think it was way out of line but i being a guy who respects everyone im not a big fan of how hooters encourages people to view women as more sexual than a real human being. granted no one works there that dosnt want to be there but even tho some waitress may disagree i think she (that waitress) deserves to be respected (if not for her than for the other women who do want to be respected and viewed as “something more than sexual”)

    i wouldn’t tell this mother that she was a horrible mom (because i really dont think she is) but i wouldn’t dress my child this way.

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