Millard County man rams 4 patrol cars, officers shoot suspect in defense

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OAK CITY, Utah – Officers said they were forced to shoot a man they say rammed numerous patrol cars and tried to hit a deputy in Millard County.

The Millard County Sheriff’s office said deputies and a Utah Adult Probation and Parole agent were trying to pick up 42-year-old Oak City resident George Finlinson Tuesday evening.

Officers said it was at the request of Finlinson’s family; they said he needed immediate mental health treatment.

When lawmen tried to pull him over, he refused to stop.

Officials said Finlinson turned his truck and rammed a patrol car, disabling it.

Finlinson plowed his pickup into several other patrol cars and tried to hit a deputy.

Authorities said officers feared for their safety and fired shots at Finlinson.

Deputies said he continued to resist even after he was shot.

Finlinson injured one deputy before he was taken into custody.

Finlinson was taken to the hospital.

Officials have not released the injured deputy’s condition.

The Utah Highway Patrol and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office have been called in to investigate.


  • Desert Pete

    Where’s Sim Gill? He has the solution. Charge the officers with excessive, unjustified force. (Just a little sarcasm for those of you who are laced up too tight.)

  • dave

    this is a bit of a tough call for me to make… the family called the police for help and got a shot up loved one. but after the officer shows up if the guy is running a muck and poses a threat to those around him and himself you cant just get back in your patrol car and drive away letting they guy do whatever. im not so sure even if the officers shot out the tires that wouldn’t stop him.

    the more i think about it the more i think they may have done the right thing.

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