Man shot by police after brandishing handguns in hospital pleads guilty

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LOGAN, Utah — A man who was shot by police officers after he brandished a pair of handguns while making demands inside the emergency room of Cache Valley Hospital has agreed to a plea deal.

Surveillance footage from hospital cameras show the exchange between two police officers who happened to be in the hospital when Burr came in and began making threats and brandishing weapons. Click here for the video.

Burr accepted an agreement in which he will plead guilty to a second-degree felony and two third-degree felonies, and as a result five other charges he faced will be dismissed.

Click here for more information about the shooting.


  • dave

    wow i saw the video, ive never been a violent person id say im a rather straight arrow person. but its knowing things like this can happen that make it so whenever i think about what it would be like to be someone like mr.burr, that option is taken way off the table for many reasons but knowing anyone could have a gun and act to protect those around them that if the knowledge you need to be a good person isnt enough then the fear of getting a bullet clean through your head should.

    its ironic that the same nurses and doctors that he was threatening to kill took care of him.

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