Homeowners say house is haunted with more than 5 ghosts, news crew gets a tour

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HANOVER, Penn. – Homeowners are getting national attention for their home, which they claim is haunted with more than five ghosts and other entities.

- Fox 43

– Fox 43

The Pennsylvania house was recently featured on “The Dead Files,” a show on the Travel Channel.

Owner DeAnna Simpson said she has the ghoulish photos and audio recordings to prove it.

Simpson said she and her family have lived there for seven years.

“We put everything into this house,” Simpson told Fox 43. “And we do want to move but we would have to list it at such a price where we could recoup what we put in.”

She said she there are at least five ghosts in the house, probably more.

“Five plus,” she said. “I have some here that are protecting me, some women here that are protecting me, but the majority are bad, dark forces, inhuman.”

Haunted house outside PA figure Fox 43

–  Fox 43

Simpson told Fox 43 one of the entities in the home is a demon.

She said it appears in photo was a 7-foot-tall shadow figure.

The Fox 43 news crew toured the house and said while they were there, Simpson recorded “orbs” on  her cell phone camera and caught a clip of a shadowy hand reaching out.

According to FOX 43, their photojournalist Nick Petrillo felt his hand burning and saw a scratch form on his wrist while in the home.

Simpson said she has invited priests, paranormal researchers and mediums into the home.

She says the crew turned up evidence of grisly deaths that happened there.

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  • chad beardall

    Hi im a ghost hunter from utah my group is utah valley paranormal and there best chance to get rid of these ghosts in there house they need to get ahold of (TAPS paranormal) they are the best group out there they have the hit show ghost hunters

    • Stephanie Hall

      There are many Paranormal Investigation Groups out there (Not Ghost Hunters) who would be better than “TAPS” grow up and turn off the TV.

    • Michael Church

      This is not a haunting, period. Thisis demonic infestation. And the occupants and news crew are in the begining phases of opression. If you are a ghost hunter, you wouldbe wise to stay away and let clergy handle this.

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