Violence in Gaza the focus of rally held in Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY – A rally regarding the violence in Gaza was held in Salt Lake City Friday, and the pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrated in front of the Matheson Courthouse.

Protest organizer Mona Shahrebani said they were at the event to advocate for peace.

“And we’re here basically just to stand for peace and freedom for all innocent civilians in Palestine and around the world,” Shahrebani said.

Those who attended chanted slogans, like: “Occupation is a crime. Israel out of Palestine.”

These demonstrators blame Israel for the killing of Palestinian children, and the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

“A death anywhere is a death, and innocent civilians anywhere deserve their basic human rights, and we’re here to let everyone know that the Palestinians must be given their basic human rights,” one attendee at the rally said.

Ron Zamir of the United Jewish Federation of Utah was also at Friday’s rally.

“First and foremost, the Palestinians are being oppressed by their own people,” Zamir said.

He said Hamas started the conflict by shelling Israeli cities, and in fact the terror group Hamas has placed missile batteries in hospitals, schools and residential areas.

“I mean, everybody in Israel is for a cease-fire. It’s the Hamas that three times have said ‘no’ to cease-fires, and now they’re talking about another cease-fire,” he said. “We’re hoping they achieve that cease fire.”

Officials reported Friday night that Israel and Hamas had agreed to a 12-hour cease fire that would begin Saturday, click here for more information on the deal.


  • Joshua

    No one was dying until Hamas started during rockets into Israel. The same Hamas that hides behind civilians as it launches attacks. That tells Palestinians to stay in areas even though the IDF warned them to leave so they would not be harmed. Hamas is the one that is the cause of the deaths and it is Hamas that needs to be stopped. I wish the Palestinian people would spend more energy on the problem and less on pointing fingers at a country that is doing everything it can to save lives on both sides of the conflict.

    • Tina Cannon

      I would recommend that you do some research on the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the conditions there, as well as the actual numbers killed on both sides, and the resources available on both sides, instead of repeating the shallow one-sided story you have seen in the media all of these years. Seriously. I dare you to do some research before you say another thing about it. Hamas is not innocent. Many Palestinians do not support their tactics. But the world (especially the US) has given Israel a free pass, and justifies anything they do. The situation there has been terribly unjust and discriminatory for decades. Gazans have been kicked out of their own homes and barred from returning, and oppressed for years. Israel has repeatedly violated treaties and international law. Look it up. Completely verifiable.

    • Aili Banne

      Not true Joshua. Until Zionists entered the area Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in peace side by side. They were good neighbors and the people thrived and blossomed, having plenty of contact through trade. With the arrival of the Zionists, this changed drastically. The state of Israel was build between 1941 -1948 on blood caused by Stern Gang, Irgun and other terrorist groups like them. IRGUN ranked #1 on the British list of terrorists. Even the British (who in fact gave part of Palestine to the Zionists at moral crime as no one has the right to give others people land to a third party) representative who at the time was governing Palestine was assasinated by IRGUN. In order to stop the killing spree of these terrorists, the UN decided to devide Palestine. The Jewish part of the people were given 52% whereas Palestinians, Arabs and Christians were given 48% of less fertile land. The terrorist groups,who were made leaders of Israel and in fact, believe it or not, Benin who had run IRGUN became the head of state. This is when Palestinians for the first time were called terrorists. These are all historical facts you easily can check out in any library or even online.

      Summary: Palestine was a peaceful community consisting of Palestinians (majority) Christians (medium number) and Jewish (minority group). It was only after Nazis started their insane genocidal mission of killing Jewish that Jewish went looking for a safe heaven and ended in Palestine and were welcomed. Now Jewish terrorists gangs starting terrorising everyone in their way of their goal, which was to obtain a state of their own. In the pr ocess the Zionists pursecuted Palestinians, Christians and killed civilians, officials and even UN officials.
      Do some research. I can promise you that you will never make a claim like that again.

    • Cee

      Since 2000 (when human rights organizations like B’Tselem בצלם began collecting data), Israeli forces have killed nearly 6,900 Palestinians, including 1,523 Palestinian children, and injured nearly 60,000. Over 8,000 Palestinian children have been abducted and detained without access to basic legal rights.

      There is not a single Palestinian family that hasn’t been affected by Israel’s occupation.

      The Israeli military occupation began 22 years before the first suicide bombing occurred, and 34 years before Hamas fired a single rocket into Israel, yet Palestinians are constantly being blamed as the aggressors in U.S. media.

      It seems that no matter how many lives Israel takes, no matter how many children it kidnaps, no matter how many houses it destroys, and no matter how much land it steals, if Palestinians respond in any way, shape or form, they are portrayed as terrorists and Israel is the victim.

  • Joy Erickson

    What about the the under ground tunnels Hamas built that reach into Israel designed for the murder and kidnapping of Israeli civilians? This is what Hamas has used their resources for; spreading terror… instead of building an ecomony, school, hospitals or jobs. Peace can come when terror stops.

    • Aili Banner

      Joy, did you know that Palestinians are under a strict military blockade. Meaning nothing goes in or out. Did you know that IDF destroyed farmland with crops and even bulldozed a chickenfarm with 50.000 chicken?
      Here is the thing. People do need food, medicine and schoolbooks. Now I know that Israel is fond of commending themselves for their humanity, saying they provide for Palestinians. However, those of us following things from close up know this not to be true. Actually, my government sent 13 trucks of medicine and supplies. Out of those only 3 were permitted through. No one knows what happened to the 10 remaining trucks the IDF stopped at the border.
      When Jewish were persecuted by the Nazis, they too used tunnels to smuggle in medicine, food etc. Where do you think those tunnels went to? Surely you go to somewhere where there are sources. Why is it ok Jewish did it but Palestinians doing the same represents terror? The people are starving. They die from diseace that are easily treated because they have nothing. And I do mean nothing.
      Tell me, if your family were helpless like that, wouldn’t you do anything possible to try keep them alive until the insanity stops? As a mother I can tell you this: I would walk through hellfire to make sure my children are fed and get medicine.

  • sarahsimmonsportfolio

    I’m not entirely sure why this reporter had to interview and publish quotes from a pro-Israel representative as opposed to any one of the many Palestinian citizens who were clearly in the majority and whose opinions are not necessarily represented by this article. This was clearly a pro-Palestine rally and the opinions expressed in the media should at least be representative of all in attendance, not just those that correspond with the Fox 13 agenda. I think there should be a factual correction or at least a revised, balanced account of what this rally was actually about.

    • Tina Cannon

      Agreed! It’s really unprofessional to cover the one opposing voice more extensively than the group who actually organized the demonstration. but at least they were willing to cover it.

  • GHasnain

    Sarah, FOX13 is Zionist, the reporter is a Zionist, they helped a fellow Zionist infiltrate the peace rally.

  • hosniegogo

    what the endless conflict for? instead, both parties should end it up indeed. innocent civilians in between and that should not be!

  • Sam

    If someone in your neighborhood committed a crime, would you want the government to bomb your whole neighborhood out of existence? Timothy McVeigh caused a lot more damage and deaths, yet somehow, the U.S. government managed to refrain from bombing his family and neighborhood and hundreds of innocent civilians who happened to belong to his religion. If people were not blinded by “Israel is always right” sunglasses, they would see Israel’s war crimes for what they are.

  • Bob

    Hamas hides behind women and children, in schools, and in hospitals while firing unguided rockets into Israel. Israel goes to great pains to target the terrorists while sparing the lives of innocent civilians.

    There are many people today who would have supported Hitler’s Final Solution.

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