Poll: Are you celebrating Pioneer Day or Pie ‘n Beer Day?

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For many in Utah, it's Pioneer Day.

However, for others, it's Pie 'n Beer Day.

Utahns celebrate the state holiday in a few different ways.

Pioneer Day commemorates the day Brigham Young and his followers arrived in Salt Lake July 24, 1847.

Parades, fireworks and rodeos are just a few ways to mark the day.

For the pie and beer lovers, it's a day of carbs including fruit pies, pizza pies and of course, the malt beverage.


  • Zd

    Don’t like Pioneer day? Then why do you celebrate Puritan Thanks giving? Don’t like Pioneer day because you are not Mormon? then go out in the desert and make your own towns and not live off the hard work of the Pioneers.

    • AB

      I’m pretty certain the article stated that people celebrate different things on this day, not that people don’t appreciate what the pioneers did for our state. Loosen up a little…

    • DC

      I knew I would find a comment from at least one uptight Mormon concerning Pie N Beer Day, LOL! Get over yourself.

    • Mick14513

      Let me see if I got this straight – mormon temples/outposts are accepted and socially/politically tolerated all over the world spreading “the word”. Yet here in Utah you, ZD, have the gall to point your finger-of-intolerance to those of us who don’t agree with “the church”.
      Let the walls come tumbling down on you.

    • bob

      ZD, you live in the United States of America. the cult does not own Utah… Why don’t you go out int o the desert and never come back…

    • bob

      Also, this is why no one likes the mormons here.. They are stuck up and think they are better than everyone else…

    • R.T.

      What’s not to like about Pioneer Day, however it’s celebrated? Without it this area would still belong to its indigenous people. You can’t dispossess the heathens without good Christians in all their colors claiming their lands and inviting them to skedaddle.

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