Missionary accused of raping orphans claims he was possessed by demon

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EDMOND, Okla. –   An Oklahoma teen accused of raping orphaned children went before a judge Friday.

Last month, 19-year-old Matthew Durham was arrested after authorities in Kenya claimed he molested and raped orphans during a mission trip, according to Oklahoma’s KFOR-TV.

Matthew Durham, 19, allegedly confessed to sexually assaulting several children at an orphanage in Kenya, police said. (Credit: KFOR)

Matthew Durham, 19, allegedly confessed to sexually assaulting several children at an orphanage in Kenya, police said. (Credit: KFOR)

According to court records, officials claim Durham raped boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 9 during a mission trip to a Kenyan orphanage.

He is facing four charges for alleged illicit sexual acts.

KFOR-TV reported, according to court records, Durham confessed to raping several young girls, forcing some boys to perform oral sex on him and even making other children watch.

However, defense attorneys say those confessions were coerced.

They claim the orphanage withheld Durham’s food, passport and care for the children until he confessed.

Friday’s testimony also took a bizarre turn.

According to court testimony, prosecutors said Durham told a missionary friend that he had a “demon” inside him that was named “Luke.”

Prosecutors claim Durham said “Luke” told him to touch the children and he’s had the temptation all his life.

Durham’s defense attorneys said the orphanage made him say he had a demon inside of him before signing the confession.

Durham will be in court again Monday for a detention hearing.

Next week, the grand jury will meet about the case.

If he is convicted of the charges, Durham faces a possible life-in-prison sentence.

MORE: See the full story from Oklahoma’s KFOR-TV


  • brie


    • Linda

      Tell me what putting him in Prison for the rest of his life is going to do to help anyone. While I agree the crimes he confessed to are terrible, but like you said, he is mentally ill. He needs more help than any Prison could give him. I do think he desrves to be punished, but I don’t think a life time Prison sentence is the answer. Believe it or not he can be rehabilitated with help from God, Prayer and the right counselor. Now for all the backlash from my comment….Let it fly.

      • Mrs. B

        Wonder if you would feel this way if it was your child he had abused. He deserves to rot in prison.

      • sweet

        What good will putting him in Prison for the rest of his life do to help anyone????????!!! Are you serious??? It will prevent this from happening to another innocent child! I agree with Mrs. B. Would you feel differently if YOUR child was one of his victims?

      • Not Bob or Eric Anderson

        He was a missionary who already “had God” and that obviously wasn’t helping him. Whether they lock him away indefinitely or not, chemical castration is what this sicky is going to need if there’s any hope of rehabilitation.

  • Bob

    Missionaries: doing “good” in other places… Don’t think all those RMs are innocent upright people… All hail the cult!

    • Megan

      Funny… it’s not referring to LDS missionaries… but a different kind of service misisonary – not related to the church at all (The 19-year-old suspect traveled overseas with a group called Upendo). Maybe you should read the whole article before bashing the so called “cult”.

    • Ed

      This wasn’t an LDS Mission. The title of this article is misleading. This was a service type mission like peace corps or something similar. Before you go around calling a group a cult educate yourself first instead of just going along with what your buddies say.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Sigh. The LDS church does NOT own the word ‘missionary.’ There were missionaries doing religious missionary work all over the globe before the LDS church was invented by a con man. Using the term ‘missionary’ to refer to a person doing missionary work unrelated to the local predominant cult is NOT misleading to anyone with an IQ higher than a potato. Not every missionary is LDS. The vast majority of missions taking place across the globe at any given time are actually predominantly Catholic, but a missionary may be of ANY denomination or even secular. The LDS church cannot lay some kind of claim to the word ‘missionary’ simply because in the tiny state of Utah when you think of missionaries, you think of mormons.

        As for the word cult being an inaccurate description of the LDS church, I would have to strongly argue that this is a matter of pure perspective. The definition of cult is simple “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.”

        There are 7+ billion people on the planet.

        Of that number just over 15 million are mormons. (I don’t know if those baptized against their will after their death are counted in that number, or those who have been excommunicated, or those who have directly requested to have their names and information removed from church records because they have voluntarily and willfully chosen to leave the church, but according to the church, that’s the approximate number of members.)

        This means that roughly .22% of the global population is mormon, making mormons a relatively small group of people in comparison to the global population. (You might think that they account for a bigger portion of the pie if you grew up in Utah, but mormons are actually a relatively small group of people – particularly if you don’t count the people they forcibly baptize after their deaths, which I don’t count nor would any sane person, because it’s incredibly creepy and cannot possibly reflect the will of the person who you are being baptized for, as they are now dead and presumably have no will. And even if they DID have a will, I do believe most christian denominations frown upon channeling the dead, and mormons do try to lump themselves in with the rest of the christian denominations.)

        Mormons do things regarded by others as strange or sinister. They wear magic undies. They have masonic temple ceremonies involving ‘tokens’ (read: masonic hand gestures and handshakes). They largely don’t socialize with people outside of their faith, unless it is in an attempt to bring more people into the flock.

        Up until very recently, references to blood atonement was part of their temple ceremonies.

        They were directly responsible for the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

        For all intents and purposes, mormonism can very accurately be referred to as a cult. A successful and prolific cult, but a cult nonetheless.

        You can dispute my claims, but I can provide credible and even video sources for them. The internet is a wonderful thing. The temple ceremony, in its bizarre entirety, is now available for public viewing.

        Oh, and when you visit your temples, who precisely cleanses you with water and anoints you with oil prior to putting on your temple garb? How does that whole process work?

        Yet another layer of weirdness.

        You are more than welcome to believe what you choose. This is America, you have the absolute right to do so. But don’t try to pretend that your bizarre religious faction has some kind of ownership of words that are common in the public vernacular, and CERTAINLY don’t try to pretend that your practices aren’t weird, as though the rest of the world doesn’t know that they absolutely are.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Disgusting but not surprising. Someone goes into a country where they are neither wanted nor needed and tries to force their views of the world onto less educated and impressionable humans and people are shocked and appalled that they would extend that unnecessary, unwanted and unneeded forcefulness into the s e x u a l realm? Come on. These missionaries go into these countries with the idea that they are somehow better and more worthy than the people they are supposedly trying to help. They go there acting like they have the answers to the Universe’s big questions and rather than handing out contraception in order to fix the root cause of the problems that these people are facing, they hand out bibles and apparently occasionally demand a little something in return for their useless and wasted effort.

    If you want to go to Africa and help people, teach them science and reality. Teach them how to cultivate their own food and search and well their own water. Teach them to make their own water distilleries. Work with vaccination programs and non-religious educational programs. Provide them with information and resources about family planning and teach them not to create more new humans than they and/or their land can sustain.

    What this man did was horrible. It wasn’t the result of ‘mental illness’ (the new catch-all term that people like to use to excuse all monstrous behavior) – it was the result of being in a position of power and control and trust over people he deemed somehow weaker and lessor. He took advantage of the very people he was supposed to be helping, and what he did was inexcusable and irredeemable. One can only hope that he is subjected to local tribal justice in such a manner that removes him from this existence rather than coddled by the US judicial system, which for some reason seems to have a real liking for s e x u a l predators of all flavors, particularly the pedophiles, and particularly those whose preferred victims aren’t privileged little white children.

    Shame on this monstrosity of a ‘human being’ and double shame on those who would defend or make excuses for him. The world would be better served if the enablers were lined up next to the pedophiles and shot between the eyes along with them,

    • Bob

      the primary object of missionaries and volunteers from many religions TRISH is to build sanitation facilities, schools, water supplies, and to provide medical assistance. And yes, TRISH, the beneficiaries welcome missionaries with open arms.

  • SP

    Many religions have special clothing, many religions have holy books, many religions have temples. Anti Mormons are the ones that coined the phrase magic undies. If you judge people by the underwear they wear, you need to grow up. I have been to the temple many times, and so have many people older than me. They have never done blood atonements. Unless you have been there you dont know. You cant believe everything on the internet. Baptisms for the dead is in the Bible. 15 million is the number of living people. That does not mean dead or excommunicated members. It does include less actives. They dont know who is active and who isnt. Just because you are less active doesnt mean you dont believe in the doctrine anymore. I know many people like that. Many come back. When I hear the word missionary, I dont automatically assume they are LDS. Thats what anti Mormons think. Everyone on here who thinks he is LDS, hates Mormons. Yes, there was the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Guess what? They were excommunicated. Its terrible, but all races and religions do it. Are all Germans bad because of what Hitler did? Are all Japanese and Buddhists bad because of WWII? Of course not. And many people are not interested in the message missionaries give. No one forces you to. And many may not be interested, but countries dont hate them, or they would never be granted visas to come. And Bob is right. In many 3rd world countries missionaries, including LDS missionaries, do those things. They also help when natural disasters happen. You might want to read about all the humanitarian work they do, instead of anti Mormon literature. Just because someone believes different than you, doesnt mean they are bad people. I swear people need to grow up. I was taught to love people of all religions, and not to hate.

  • restoration1776

    Hang him! It’s allways the ones in some sort of trust postion. Foster parents, missionarys, priests, teachers.

  • Mandy

    TRISH- you need to stop talking and spreading gossip about things you either don’t understand or just plain do not know. There are no “Magic” undies (that would be the FLDS not the LDS- claiming they have any magic in them) no Masonic rituals with secret handshakes and such, no blood oaths (even if there were why would you mock this church and not the others that allegedly do this too) , and as for the socialization that is can only be based on a person to person basis- would you want to associate with someone like you are behaving now- acting like everything you do is crazy- no you would stay where you feel loved and supported. Not to mention there is no forcing the dead to accept the baptism that is done for them- they are baptized so that they can make that choice on the other side. There is no claim that Mormons own the word “missionary”. Just because the internet give you the info doesn’t make it correct. If you have questions about a church and or it’s practices- do everyone a favor and ask a representative of that church- don’t trust everything you see online.

  • Sebastian de Freitas

    Why doesn’t the article specify he was an LDS MISSIONARY?? Utah politics manipulating the media at its best!

  • Tina

    Thanks for apologizing. The others on here who automatically assumed he is an LDS missionary didn’t. It shows you’re a big person to apologize.

  • Van

    Demon or not this isn’t right. Even of he went to prison he wouldn’t last. He’d become someone’s b!t*h in there if he’s lucky, if not that fool is dead anyways..

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