Family, friends hold candlelight vigil for brothers killed in plane crash

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CLINTON, Utah -- A candle light vigil was held in Clinton Tuesday night in remembrance of the two brothers killed in a plane crash in Arizona on Sunday.

"They forever made us laugh and brought so much happiness to our home we love you so much and look forward to the day we get to see your beautiful smiling faces again," said father Rhett Whatcott, who delivered a statement before the vigil. "I know you will be watching over us until we meet again I'm so grateful you have each other we love you."

Nineteen-year-old Daulton Whatcott was flying his brother, 16-year-old Jaxon, in a single engine Cessna from Bountiful to Mesquite, Nev. when the plane went down in Littlefield, Ariz. They were the only people on board.

Daulton was attending Utah State University and just received his pilot’s license three months ago. Jaxon played on the Syracuse High School basketball team, and would have been a junior this year.

"Daulton was so advanced that after 20 hours of flight time his flight instructor was teaching him maneuvers and giving instruction that he usually doesn't give until 40 hours -- that's the Daulton we know, he gave it his all and we know he fought for his brother until the end," Rhett Whatcott said.

The Whatcott family is still awaiting the results of an FAA investigation to find out the cause of the crash.


  • Random Person

    No respect whatsoever…. I lose hope every day for humanity because of ignorant people like you.

  • NikkiW

    I cannot believe the ignorance and disrespect of some people after reading these comments. The father of these boys is an outstanding individual and has volunteered his time to coach teams even when he has not had a child on the team he was coaching. He was a wonderful coach and influence for my son when my son played football last year for Clinton City. I can only imagine with a father like that, his sons had to be incredible – and it is obvious to me that they were when I see the outpouring of support in the community! I find it so distasteful that someone would assume that these boys were spoiled rich kids, if they had never met them.

  • NikkiW

    Nope – they rented the plane!! It was not theirs! Maybe you should get your facts straight before throwing rude and insensitive comments out!

    • bob

      Who rents a plane for their kids??? Most places will not even rent a car to anyone under 25. Sounds like daddy paid and got these two special treatment. Spoiled kids are used to that…

      • Heather Larsen

        I feel sorry for BOB with no last name that can talk behind his computer like a CAWARD. Im sure your parent’s must be proud of you, I have a feeling you didn’t have great parent’s to teach you manners. That’s okay Bob, my heart goes out to you for being so IGNORANT.. Im sorry you must have a really rough up bring. Good luck in life you will for sure need it.. :) AND FOR ANYONE WHO’S EVEN GIVING BOB THE TIME OF DAY, DONT HE LOVES ALL OF THIS, IM SURE HE HAS NO FRIEND AND HE HAS NOTHING ELSE TO DO BUT THIS. MUCH LOVE TO YA BOBBIE BOY!

  • Casey

    Bob and others… You are so ignorant and disrespectful. Shame on you. I know this family and they are far from spoiled rich kids. Just because you’ve likely done nothing with your life doesn’t make them spoiled rich kids. Daulton was a licensed pilot…Why shouldn’t he have the right to rent an airplane? I think being a licensed pilots justifies it. Grow up and show some respect . great family. Terrible tragedy. May God forgive bob for being so disrespectful.

  • Sam

    Here’s the thing- BOB is one of those folks who only comment on a story to try and get a rise out of the other commentors. My suggestion is to just ignore him and he’ll get bored eventually. And those who believe in karma know she’s coming for him.
    That being said, I cannot IMAGINE the heartbreak in this family right now. Not just one, but TWO beloved family members gone so early in their life! Their purpose on earth must have been fulfilled; that won’t make it all better, but I am praying this family can find some measure of peace one day.

    • bob

      Two spoiled kids crashing a plane is fulfilling something??? Sounds like irresponsible parents spoiling their kids and it went wrong…

  • Slamb

    Shame, shame, shame on you Bob!!!! You owe this family a BIG apology. You should be ashamed of yourself:(

  • Pamela

    I learned of this tragic accident on the news, and coudn’t help but look at the FB page set up. I don’t know this family. I looked because it is a true story about a loving family. Though I do not know them, my heart goes out to the family and friends of these dear boys. Seeing what I can, they were truly loved… and they truly loved. May their family and friends find the strength to continue a beautiful legacy for these young gentlemen.

  • Mary Hopson

    May those beautiful boys rest in peace! May God be with this family and strengthen them through this very difficult time.

  • Charlene

    I do not know the boys. I do know of the mom to the handsome sons. She is kind, fun, beautiful gentle person From what I read….she is an awesome mom !! I feel very disappointed in Bob….so immature at handling delicate situation as to losing not 1 but 2 loved ones. Shame on you! Your behaviour to handling such a tragic incidents says a lot about you! With that said, deepest respects to the parents, siblings, and family n friends.

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