Huntsman’s attorney asks for more time to review evidence in newborn murders

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PROVO, Utah – The woman accused of killing six of her newborns and then leaving them in a Pleasant Grove garage appeared in court Monday morning.

Megan Huntsman has been charged with six counts of first-degree murder.

Monday’s hearing was very brief and it was the last time she will be in court for the next three months.

Her defense team asked for a continuance so they can review all the evidence in the case.

Huntsman is accused of giving birth to seven babies in her Pleasant Grove home over a 10-year period then suffocating all but one of them, she claims 1 child was stillborn.

The case appears to rest largely on Huntsman’s confession but prosecutors also say they now have the physical evidence to support six counts of murder.

All of this came to light back in April, when Huntsman’s ex-husband was going through the home they once shared and discovered a box in which there appeared to be a fetus.

He called police and they discovered the rest of the bodies.

Huntsman is next due in court Oct. 20.


  • Bob

    Simply a stalling tactic only, allowing her defense team to bill for more money. The name of the game is “let’s see how long we can drag this thing out”.

  • no more five oh

    She confessed to killing the babies. Why is she not hanging from a tree for everyone to see? How many tax dollars are we going to spend to prove what she confessed to?

    • Bob

      One was a mother who intentionally termininated her children while the other was a midwife who may, or may not, have used poor judgement. One is murder the other, if proved, is negligent homicide. See the difference?

      Of course if you have an axe to grind you probable wouldn’t.

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