Residents rally in response to mailer bearing woman covering her breasts

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BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- It's a glossy flyer showing a woman covering her breasts, and when it arrived in the mail it did not have the impact the advertisers wanted.

It was sent to residents in Bountiful, and families held a rally Friday to express their anger over it.

Dozens of citizens, lawmakers, and several anti-pornography organizations rallied together to share their concern, not only with this image that was sent out in May by the Wade Laser Clinic, but also to make sure no other advertisements like it end up in their mailbox.

State Senator Todd Weiler, R-District 23, represents citizens in that area, and he was present at the rally.

He said: “I had a lot of people say, 'Pass a law so nobody can mail me an offensive flyer like this in the future.' We can't do that. Our hands have been tied by the court, but the courts can't stop citizens from coming out. This is unacceptable. We cannot patronize businesses that try to use skin to hawk their products."

For the past several weeks, the Wade Laser Clinic has been apologizing to concerned residents. They were out of town and unavailable to talk on-camera when contacted by FOX 13 News, but they sent a statement, saying they apologize and it won't happen again


  • michael

    Some people are way too uptight. If you don’t want your children to see skin then don’t take them to the pool, mall..wherever.

    Leave them home where they will be sheltered and become socially awkward because they have no exposure to the real world.

      • michael

        People in Utah are really self righteous and judgmental. Not everyone of course but there is enough smugness that makes it very noticeable. I am an adult and I can make up my own mind what is or is not offensive.

  • db

    So this flyer in the mail can cause traumatizing images to children who happen to see it but watching a women breastfeed a child in a elementary school lunch room is acceptable?!

    • Sherri

      Neither of these situations are acceptable. I totally believe in breastfeeding and fed all of my children that way, but I would never do it in public without covering up. It’s not fair to those who don’t wish to accidentally see private parts, even when they are being used exactly as nature intended.

    • Bob

      What is it, Bob, that you have against the Mormon’s? Is it their opposition to your alternate lifestyle?

  • Bob

    Think of all those Mormon kids traumatized for life! That may become normal and not want to waste two years of their lives spreading a cult…

    • michael

      Head south on I15 to the Pleasant Grove area. Along the way you will see a billboard advertising breast augmentation. The billboard also has an attractive half naked woman.

      I like it.

  • Dutch

    I’m embarrassed for all you idiots at that ralley, with all the real world problems out there I.e. Jets being shot down let’s worry about a flier that can just simply thrown in the trash, like television if you don’t want to see it don’t look at it. Way too turn nothing into a crisis #firstworldutahproblems

  • no more five oh

    Everyone was born with breast. Everyone scared of them should have theirs removed. How about all of the mormons that have had breast augmentation and living a double standard?? What about breast feeding in public? Are you afraid this will scar children for life? How many mormon children has watched their mother breast feed a little brother or sister? How many of these moms gave birth while their other children were present? Do not forget the sow at the State Fair with a litter of piglets being breast fed in front of all of the scared for life children. Don’t take your children to Wheeler Farm in the spring for all the babies nursing. You better scope it out to insure all the little ones have been weaned.

    • dave

      i dont believe theirs anyone who has ever had breast augmentation that has anything agenst breasts no matter there religion. and i dont know any one regardless of religion that dislikes breasts

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