Daytona dad catches man sexually battering his son, leaves him ‘in a bloody puddle’

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The text below is courtesy Central Florida News 13 via CNN. Reporter Louis Bolden of WKMG has more information in the video above, which is courtesy CNN.

DAYTONA, Fla. -- Daytona Beach police have arrested a man who they say was caught sexually battering a child under 12 years old by the victim's father.

According to police, Raymond Frolander, 18, is a family member of the victim, and was left in a position of custodial authority by the child's parents.

Officers responded to a call regarding the sexual battery of a juvenile just after 1 p.m. Friday.

When law enforcement arrived, they spoke with the victim's father, who told them he walked in and caught Frolander sexually battering his son.

The father told police he took physical action towards Frolander to prevent him from leaving the scene before police could arrive. Police observed Frolander laying on the living room floor with bruises on his face, and bleeding from his mouth.

Officers cleared the house, and EVAC personal transported Frolander to Halifax Medical Center.

Detectives met with the victim, who told them he was playing video games in the apartment with some friends. After his friends left, the boy told police he was alone in the apartment with Frolander.

The child told investigators that Frolander asked him to sit on his lap, and not too much later, took the boy into the back room of the apartment.

According to the police report, Frolander disrobed the child, and began sexually battering the victim. While the attack was taking place, the boy says, his father walked in.

During the forensic interview with the victim, he disclosed that there was a history of past sexual abuse from Frolander. According to the victim, this abuse began at the age of 8 years old.

The defendant was treated and released from Halifax Hospital. After his release he was interviewed at the Daytona Beach Police Department by detectives.

During the recorded interview, detectives say Frolander admitted that he had a sexual relationship with the victim. According to investigators, at the conclusion of this interview Frolander stated "I'm guilty."

Police say Frolander has no prior incident on his record as an adult related to sex cases. Frolander was denied bond.



  • electriophile

    It’s nice to know that no matter your religious or political beliefs, gay or straight, republican or democrat, Christian or atheist, we can all come together in harmony and say this piece of sh** deserved everything he got. Good for that poor boy’s father! Heaven knows any parent would do the same!

    • Trish Ramirez

      You’d really think so. You’d think that every person in the US could collectively agree that all pedo’s deserve exactly what this predator got and much MUCH worse.

      Unfortunately, you’d be incorrect.

      You’ll have people crying about the poor offenders mental disability, how he’s just a sad sad soul who needs more love and had terrible things happen in his life and that we should all pray for him to become a better person and not judge him and someday maybe he can be a ‘normal’ productive member of society.

      The TRUTH of the matter is that it doesn’t matter why a pedo is a pedo. If they were born that way or became that way due to being abused themselves. Once you have a pedo on your hands, they will never be anything but a pedo. They may possess the brilliance of Einstein or the artistic talent of Da Vinci, but underneath it all, if they are a pedo they are a massive danger to society and should be eradicated. One bullet to the base of the skull should do the trick quickly and efficiently and humanely, and with each one that is put down, the safety of more and more children will be assured.

      As long as there is a SINGLE pedophile living in a society, every child is at risk of the kind of abuse that causes psychological damage that can never be undone.

      It’s unfortunate that so many people are pedophiles as a product of their own corrupt upbringing and will never have a chance at a normal psyche through no fault of their own.

      However, the protection of the children in our society from these monstrosities should be paramount. There should be a zero tolerance for pedophilia in a civilized society. and people who are found to be pedophiles (either through their behavior or psychological evaluation) should be executed immediately.

      The risk they pose to society is much to great to be atoned for by being a super great person in every other aspect of their life . They are like rabid dogs. They are an extremely real threat, and their continued existence continues to produce generation after generation of the same.

      The most humane way of dealing with these predators is NOT the current process of pretending that this abuse isn’t happening and then trying to keep it behind closed doors, as though the victims are doing something wrong and have something to be ashamed of. We need to stop the protecting of predators and shaming of victims. We need to be educating our children about this highly taboo subject so that they can get help if they are being victimized. This needs to be a publicly funded campaign targeted specifically at children, and their parents should NOT have the right to opt them out of being educated about what it means to be a victim of s e x u a l abuse, because in the vast VAST majority of these cases, the child is being abused by a parent or close relative.

      We need to start empowering our children and stop coddling these predators and pretending that they are also victims. It’s 2014, this shouldn’t even be something that is debatable. Pedophiles destroy lives, and they are NEVER rehabilitated.

      Have you ever heard of an ex-pedophile?


    • Phyllis

      The problem with this story is that it does not consider the reason why Mr. Frolander, a very young person, did this. Furthermore it doesn’t address the violence of the father – which may be understandable, but it is still violence. If the father was African American then for certain he would be in prison awaiting trial on serious charges. The solution is to get Mr. Frolander the treatment he needs – because this is something that clearly also happened to him (this is the reason it happens, it’s passed on). The same is true for the young boy who was molested. But jail will not solve this problem. However, I question if that father is credible given his using this to get money online. This is so typical of redneck southern states. And the stigma of this kind of thing makes it worse for Mr. Frolander. The view on this is entirely wrong. The one who should be in jail is the father, and Mr. Frolander in a treatment center, along with the 11 year old boy. I know this is not popular with the NASCAR crowd, but it’s reality. I find it hard to hear self-proclaimed religious people stating how this (expletive <–their words) person deserves what he got. So much for compassion and understanding. It invalidates everything they say they believe. This country is a mess because of the backward violence-oriented people who think the solution is violence and revenge.

  • Terry Liberal

    So this pedo got his just dessert for his sickening actions and the EVAC personnel still took him to the hospital? He should of been left to rot in the gutter like the trash that he is.

    • nonmormon

      All of you are uninformed and uneducated…. Obviously, this is a kid #1 and this behavior doesn’t just pop up out of the blue.
      The chances are that this kid was sexually abused by another adult family member is about 99.9999%.
      I feel horrible for the little one but in no way is it right to play judge jury and executioner.
      Stuff it up your A’s until this country deals with it’s OUT OF CONTROL population of mental illnesses it’s going to get even worse.

      • Bob

        Are you speaking from experience, Nonmormon, or are you just trying to justify the behavior of this $exual deviate? Either which way the joke is on Frolander. Personally I think the father missed an excellent opportunity to make a eunuch out of him.

      • Terry Liberal

        Uninformed and uneducated? What is there to know? A pedo got beat the hell down. Anyone trying to downplay the father’s justice needs to see through the eyes of a survivor.

      • tre

        From what I read, he turned 18 just over a month ago. He was sexually abused when he was younger. I feel bad for him and the kid that he abused. I went through physical abuse and neglect, no sexual abuse though. It changes you 100% when you get abused as a kid, any kind of abuse. I can’t believe everyone on here that said he should have died. You’re all just as bad as he is. He’s still a kid. When you turned 18, did you know everything? I’m sure that because he was sexually abused as a kid, it confused his sexuality. I don’t think anyone should be beaten like that. Doesn’t solve anything.

      • Bob

        At age 18, TRE, this $ex offender knew exactly what he was doing. Thank goodnes for a father who helped Raymond Frolander see the error of his ways. My sympathies are with Frolander’s victim.

        My only criticism of the father is that he chose the wrong end of the $ex offender to concentrate on.

      • tre

        BOB, you’re probably just like my dad was, abusive. His only thoughts were to beat us kids up if we were doing something he didn’t think was right. You sound exactly like him. None of us ever got the type of abuse that happened here at least. The dad asked for a $1m donation after this happened. Started a fundraiser. I think that’s pathetic. So does the police chief. Hitting someone is never the answer. I went through that $hit and hated every minute of it. I’m pretty sure that Frolander has the same feelings. You need to figure out WHY, not just beat up a teenager. Think a little before you act.

      • Ab's

        Regardless of if this 18 year old adult had been sexually molested, or not . You can’t tell me he don’t know right from wrong. I think what the father did was completely justifiable to say the least.

      • Trish Ramirez

        You are part of the problem, nonmormon.
        You know why?
        You are making excuses and using euphemistic labels like ‘mentally ill’ to describe inhuman monsters that should be lined up and shot rather than have excuses made for their inexcusable behavior and be forgiven for crimes that are unforgivable.
        Too bad if this predator was once a victim himself.
        Too bad if his brain is so messed up that he doesn’t realize right from wrong.
        The rest of society should NOT be put at risk of being victimized simply because this person (and people like him) cannot control their predatory s e x u a l urges.
        Every single violent s e x u a l predator and pedophile (whether they’ve actually victimized someone yet or are simply biding their time in order to victimize someone in the future) should be lined up and shot.
        The world would be a better, safer place for it.
        You people would shoot Iraqi and Afghani citizens for doing nothing more than defending their homeland, and in the next instant plead for leniency for these monsters that destroy lives.
        Because these perverted monsters remind you of your dad or uncle or grandpa?
        TOO BAD
        They all need to be done away with, because it’s been repeatedly proven that being abused as a child breeds abuse.
        The cycle needs to stop.
        The damage these cretins do is incalculable, and they break their victims in ways that can never be fully repaired.
        Don’t make excuses for the behavior of this predator, this inhuman monster, this waste of oxygen and other resources.
        Use your brain, demand that these people be eradicated like the rabid creatures they are.

      • Phyllis

        I agree with nonmormon. I speak as a victim of sexual abuse and I got the help I needed because someone cared and responded with compassion – not violence. I do not believe Mr. Frolander deserves this kind of hatred. He needs therapy.

  • dave

    i wonder if the cops are really needing to turn there heads to the fact that this guy got a beating, dont get me wrong its way way appropriate but it makes me wander if he wanted to could frolender press charges and would he stand a chance of winning a case.

    • trevor

      Apparently Fox likes to disable comments with links in them without telling you. I hope Frolander sues the he11 out of this guy. The dad is full of BS. He asked for $1 million the day after this happened to help his son “recover”. I think the whole story stinks. I feel bad for the teen and the kid but not the dad or Frolander’s step-mom. G00gle “Frolander asks for 1 million” and read the rest of the story. The police chief isn’t the brightest either.

      • Bob

        This $exual predator can sue until he’s blue in the face TREVOR, but in order to win a lawsuit you have to get the nod from the jury. The father puts his son in the witness box and your friend will get nothing from any jury …. except contempt.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Good. The only mistake the father in this situation made was stopping before he killed the predator in question.
        I hope more stories like this become publicized more heavily.
        Maybe some pedos will take note and put a bullet between their eyes before someone else does it for them.
        I mean seriously, if you KNEW you were a monster, wouldn’t you have the courage to destroy yourself before you destroyed other people?
        I think a big part of the reason that so many pedophiles can actually live with themselves and their behavior and the pain and damage that they cause is that they are indoctrinated into some religion and believe that no matter what atrocities they commit, if they apologize sweetly to their sky daddy, they will be forgiven.
        Religion gives people the idea that they are not actually accountable for their actions, that there is no real ultimate punishment, because eventually they will be forgiven and get a big gold star and get to play with the angels (or virgins or whatever nonsense they believe) in heaven.
        In a society without religion, people would not be stammering that we needed to forgive monsters for doing unforgivable things.

  • suzzym

    no the father was not charged with anything!!! This sick ,so be deserves everything he got these kids look to be guided and feel safe they don’t look for such pos like him. and I hope he gets even more while he’s in jail who does that to an innocent child who trusted him. I get so disgusted when I see these stories of innocent children going to anything like this being beaten or raped is just so wrong what the hell is wrong with people that they think it’s okay? People amaze me and I never cease to amaze me. These poor innocent children nowadays I feel so bad.

  • steve

    Most states have laws on the books to protect parents in that situation. In Texas for instance, you can kill someone who is assaulting your child sexually and its complely legal. That garbage is lucky they weren’t in Texas lol

  • 1c3up0nAt!m3

    I wish my parents had done this to my sexual abuser when I told them what was going on. Instead they decided it was better to not “stir up trouble with the neighbor and just keep quiet”. The abuse continued for 5 more years.

    • ChristinaK

      I too wish my mother had done something about the close neighbor’s sexually deviant grandfather, however she chose to not even inform my father, and forbid me ever to speak about it to anyone, thinking since I was young, that I would forget the incident. The sexual abuse started when I was around 6, also affected my younger brother at about that age when he got older, and messed up my entire family’s lives. I was in therapy for 30 years trying to overcome the intense hatred for pedophiles, distrust of men and a huge distrust/dislike of my mother (who should have protected me, and because of her doing nothing, I never informed her that I was molested and sexually abused for another 6 years!!!). My brother got involved in drugs to cope and my parents becoming severe alcoholics (with my father being confused over what had happened to his once happy family). I chose education/work and being anti-social however when I hear of a child being abused I still want to rip the offenders head off. I was abused severely, and never abused my children or thought of acting on any compulsion that I thought was wrong. I believe that people chose to act inappropriately!!!

    • Trish Ramirez

      Unfortunately, hon, this seems to be the way of the world. For some reason, people (even parents) think this is such a taboo subject that they would rather sweep it under the rug than deal with it head on. And for victims who actually get their day in court, the system is absolutely designed to protect and coddle the predator. Victims have to go through the humiliating process of describing in detail the abuse that was done to them in open court, they are then cross-examined by defense counsel, who’s job it is to make them seem as unreliable and untrustworthy as possible, ultimately victimizing them again.

      Many cases are dropped or plead down to lessor charges because victims or their parents don’t want to go through the public humiliation and stress of a trial. Predators – even repeat predators – often get off with little more than slaps on the wrist.

      This is particularly true when the predator is a family member and people don’t want to create strife within their own family, or when the predator is a prominent member of the community and people don’t want to ‘smear their name,’

      I have taken a lot of flack for suggesting that these problems are more prevalent in cultures and areas where people are highly religious and families are highly patriarchal, but I don’t really care what random strangers think of my opinions and I totally believe that to be the case. I mean, look at the local culture. If the male head of the family holds the priesthood and has a direct link to gawd, guiding him in his actions, how could it possibly be construed as WRONG if he s e x u a l l y abuses a child? And even deeper than that, who in the family is going to question the priesthood holder or call him out on his monstrous behavior? When it has been indoctrinated into their minds forever that he is virtually omnipotent?

  • Bob

    TRE, I have zero tolerance for $ex molesters and other associated deviates, and am surprised this molester got off so lightly. When Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood was asked whether he had any issue with the father’s reaction he responded, “Not as a police chief and not as a father.”

  • Joe

    I dont care if you’re 18 y/0 or not … you dont molest kids !! He knew well what he was doing,evverything can’t be blamed on one’s “childhood ” that line gets old imo ! Props to the dad , I would have done the same thing or worse tbh

  • They call me "Mr. Tibbs

    I hope Florida gives him life…then when he gets to prison he will be someone’s girlfriend….but the father should have killed him…I have no pity for a child molester…

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