Police identify suspects in hospital after chase, shootout with officers

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah - Two suspects are in the hospital after a police chase and a shooting involving two officers early Thursday morning.

Authorities said 31-year-old Ramon S. Franco and 19-year-old Celene J. Hernandez allegedly ran from officers in West Valley.

Officers said the suspects fired several gunshots at lawmen as they drove across multiple cities.

The chase ended in Taylorsville by the Salt Lake Community College Campus when officers used spikes to take out the suspects' car tires.

Deputies said the suspects got out of the car and started shooting at authorities.

Officials fired back and both suspects were hit.

Sheriff Jim Winder said Franco is in critical condition and Hernandez's condition is less severe.

"We're just fortunate that there wasn't any other injuries or anything more serious during the course of that because you know, these suspects were hellbent for leather as they continued on their way," Sheriff Winder said.

Deputies said Hernandez ran from the car to the Salt Lake Community College campus.

She was arrested not far away with the help of a K9 unit.

Authorities said at least two officers fired their weapons and a stray bullet from the shootout hit an apartment complex nearby.

No officers were injured in the shooting.


  • Jessaca Marie Nebeker

    Kind of stupid for the girl to run to SLCC they have UHP for security, even at that time of morning/night. And A-typical of WVC PD chase people into other cities so it is no longer their problem.

    Glad to hear no innocent people were hurt though.

  • Bob

    Trish will suggest that the police should have used restraint and as a last resort perhaps have voted on whether or not to taser the suspects.

  • Pro-Police

    Trish Ramirez will come on and say it was unfair and unconstitutional for the police to stop these criminals. Remember, you should just let them run-away…

  • nana

    She is prego and stupid officers even after she told them she was preg. Plus idk how from wer this article got both wer shooting at officers ifonly one gun was found… she ranbecause she was scared

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