Police union files complaint against Salt Lake County DA Sim Gill

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A file photo of Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

SALT LAKE CITY – A police union has filed a complaint with the Utah State Bar against Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

The Fraternal Order of Police confirmed to FOX 13 News their organization filed a complaint that alleges Gill has engaged in a continuing “pattern of unethical behavior.”

The union has clashed with Gill over recent officer-involved shootings, including the case of Shaun Cowley, the former West Valley City Police Department Detective who has been charged with manslaughter in the death of Danielle Willard.

Cowley’s attorney, Lindsay Jarvis, has also filed a complaint with the Utah State Bar regarding Sim Gill. Jarvis confirmed to FOX 13 News she had filed the complaint but refused further comment.

FOX 13 News contacted the Salt Lake County DA’s Office, who declined to comment.


  • M Whittaker

    Vince Gill is grandstanding and acting like a dictator overruling complaints and procedures for a unreasonable outcome to everyone involved with his office. Unethical behavior is his MO.

  • m

    PLEASE call me, I can tell you more. I have proof of corruption, altering court evidence and arresting an innocent person when his wn officer told him the person had “concrete proof it was not them”.. I have proof of trying to set someone up not once but 5 times so they would be arrested for a crime they were invited to participate in, the person did not go, therefore not arrested. Sim Gill himself is a con, dishonest person. Gills office also falsified court papers to make it look like this person committed a crimes when in fact she did not, he had her arrested and held in a small room for 4 hours still hand cuffed before taken into the booking area. He abuses his power when he wants. He was able to stretch one misdemeanor crime into 31 felonies with the magic of wording and out right lies. He is corrupt, now it is his turn to be investigated.

  • Dave

    Grasping at straws here police. You get called out for doing something illegal and its a conspiracy. Yet thats what YOU do for a living to the general population. Just think if every ticket you wrote, or arrest you made was fallowed by mass outcry from the public along with false accusations and public / media slandering of your name. In other words… Cry me a river!! You are NOT ABOVE THE LAW, NOR IS YOUR UNION.

    • SmellsFishy

      Dave, I’m glad you are observant!

      “Just think if every ticket you wrote, or arrest you made was fallowed by mass outcry from the public along with false accusations and public / media slandering of your name”.

      That is exactly what Gill has been doing! Hence the purpose of the Bar complaint….

      • m

        I would love to see Mr Gill in a cell next to Shurtleff and Swallow. Those who work with him want him gone. Alot goes on behind closed doors that the public is unaware of and should be told to the media in a news conference.

  • Arlee

    Leavitt, Huntsman, Obama and Gill – all cut from the same pattern. Always looking for a photo-op. Always wanting to be before the camera. Yes you can add Swallow and Shurtleff to the mix. Utah Reublicans State Delegates to the State Convention had some real concerns about Swallow but could not get to the truth. I wonder if we will ever have elected officials from either party that are trustworthy? Orin Hatch did a number on us. We should have been able to see it. Rob Bishop is as arrogant as they come. The people with the money are there in politics to lie and deceive. How do we make the change. When Gil destroyed the life and career of the female UHP Trooper and let all the drunks off the hook, we could see the handwriting on the wall. He hates cops!5

    • S. Cross

      You realize Arlee that the female trooper in fact broke the law and lied right? That wasn’t Mr. Gil, that was her Supervisor that caught her and had her dismissed. Because they are union, it ends up going to the DA, but that was the only reason he was involved and all he did was uphold what her management enforced.

      • smellsfishy

        Broke the law? If she had broken the law, she would have been charged and CONVICTED…. I don’t recall the UHP trooper ever being convicted of a crime.

        You realize that Utah is a right to work state, right? Unions have very little influence on managerial decisions and the discipline of employees. Aside from that, discipline of an employee is not appealed to the DA. In other words the union cannot request the DA to review the decisions of supervisors and either concur or disagree with their discipline decisions. Unions perform dispute resolution for employment and discipline decisions by means of arbitration, not litigation. This is done through the civil service commission, not the DA’s office. If this was a matter of employee discipline, the DA has absolutely no right being involved in the process. However, we are all so very fortunate (sarcasm) to have Mr. Gill as our DA. Gill may, or may not have received evidence that reflected law violations committed by the trooper. Despite what evidence he may or may not have received, he used his typical fear tactics of “resign, or I will charge you”. This is the same thing he did with officer Cardon a few years back, use fear to get the officer to resign and hope they don’t call his bluff. Unfortunately, Cardon did resign and was still later charged (The DA’s case was so weak, it didn’t make it past a preliminary hearing). These are the issues surrounding this “DA”. Unethical, dishonest, and will do anything possible to ruin the lives of those who protect us, in return for advances in his political agenda.

        I am not comprehending how anyone on this board cannot see what has been put directly in front of their faces by the man himself. Remember all of those WVC cases that were dropped by SG, stating that they were being dropped due to “credibility issues”? These words came out of Gill’s own mouth during his many camera ops. Do you realize it is against Utah State Bar rules of professional conduct to question the credibility of an individual being investigated through the use of media outlets? This falls under the professional conduct rules of prejudicial trial by media! “No one is above the law”, neither are you Gill….

      • Arlee

        S Cross, you are wrong. I personally know her Sgt and many of the Troopets she worked with. They all told me she was an excellent Trooper and was screwed by Gill. Then our gutless Governor failed to have her back and the Commissioner had no choice but to do as told. Notice he retired. Don’t blame him! Hard to work for a politically wimpy governor. Vote Gill out next election.

  • Bob

    It is in everybody’s interests for the police to have a good working relationship with the County Attorney. If they aren’t working closely together it is the public that suffers.

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