Police: Baby found during drug bust at Spanish Fork home

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SPANISH FORK, Utah — Two men and a woman were arrested on drug charges and child endangerment after several pounds of marijuana and a 9-month-old baby were found during narcotic search warrant at a Spanish Fork home Monday night, officials said Tuesday.

Prior to serving the warrant, Spanish Fork Police made a traffic stop where they discovered 60 pounds of packaged marijuana in the suspect’s vehicle, according to a press release from Spanish Fork Police.

At approximately 5:30 p.m. a search warrant was served at a home in the southwest part of the city where officers discovered an additional 26 pounds of marijuana along with drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine, mushrooms and ecstasy, according to the release.

A 9-month-old baby was also at the home and taken into custody by the Department of Child and Family Services.

The street value of the marijuana is approximately $35,000, according to the release.

Ryan Frey, 32, Charlene Ewell, 37, and Caleb Hare, 33, were booked into the Utah County Jail on several felony drug violations as well as one count of child endangerment.


    • Conservative American (Bob)

      Obviously these law abiding folks planned on giving 60 pounds of packaged marijuana to the baby. Yeah, right!!

      • Trish Ramirez

        Not the point, Bob. The point is that the State doesn’t care about the welfare of that baby. The state cares about enforcing arbitrary laws that were enacted to ensure a steady stream of ‘war on drugs’ revenue’ in the name of fines and a steady stream of slave laborers in the form of prison inmates.

        The pot’s not the problem.

        The laws regarding the pot are the problem.

      • ma J

        you’ve got that right did you know the state gets federal monies for adopting out kids they take? the younger the child the more they are worth . its sickening. Hurry get that baby to gramma!!!

  • Alisha

    well, obviously, they are basing their street value of marijuana on the going rate of back in the 1960’s! so unless it is some nasty a$$ mexican dirt, the ACTUAL street value of that much is closer to $161,250!!! 60 in the car, another 26 in the house, that’s 86 lb total. 16oz to a pound. one o goes for about $300 these days…but maybe the government’s fail in BASIC math is why the WAR ON DRUGS is such a FAIL!!!

  • Janice

    So Trish, the fact that more dangerous drugs that are way more harmful to the baby, especially if the baby got ahlod of them, were found in the home and not to mention the drug meth can make people trade their child for it, all you are seeing is the pot and the fact that the child was taken from the family? Really? I think you need a better grip on reality! im glad this baby is safe! People go crazy on those types of drugs and can do great harm to themselves and anyone in their path! You need counseling.

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