See where Utah ranks in most dangerous states for gun violence

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- Rolling Stone

– Rolling Stone

Utah has ranked in the list of the most dangerous states for gun deaths, according to numbers Rolling Stone just published.

According to the report, our state has 12.2 gun deaths per 100,000 residents a year.

That is about average, according to the study.

The research also takes into account the state’s gun laws.

Utah does not ban those with violent misdemeanors from buying firearms.

Convicted stalkers are allowed to buy guns and background checks aren’t performed before all handgun purchases in Utah.

Alaska is ranked as the most dangerous state with 20.4 gun deaths per 100,000 residents.

Massachusetts is the safest state with 4.1 shooting deaths.

MORE: See the full rankings from the Rolling Stone here


  • Bob

    All take my chances any place in the State of Utah any time over any place in Detroit where handgun possession is strictly regulated and in 2012 they had the highest murder rate in the nation. It’s criminals and not guns that are the problem.

    • trevor

      That’s why guns need regulation, to keep them out of criminals hands. Notice a difference in deaths between blue and red states? Weird…

      • Bob

        in 2013 there were 414 gun related murders in Chicago. Any fool can tell you that Chicago has very strict gun regulations in that city. Your argument doesn’t hold water Trevor. When they outlaw guns try real hard to figure out who will still have guns?

  • Bob

    The good folks in Utah can relax. There were 82 shootings in Chicago over the July 4th holiday weekend this year.

    • LoganLocal

      Have you ever thought about the amount of people living in that city vs. living in Utah’s city’s? I’m not afraid of guns. I am afraid of stupid rednecks who think they know it all.

  • Victor

    Look at the rest of the data. Montana has 15.4 deaths per 100 thousand people but only had 1 death last year.

  • Cptn

    Shame on Ashton Edwards for putting this article out there. The Rolling Stones is not a reliable source for information, especially on guns and gun violence. Most of these stats also include suicides involving guns and other misleading information. This is a biased report published by a very biased source. Not news worthy in the least and not responsible journalism.

    • Chris

      I agree. It also doesn’t account for how many of those deaths are suicide and/or hunting accidents. If you’ll notice how high AK, Wyoming and Montana are, you should also consider that these are the biggest hunting states as well. I won’t accept these blanket figures intended to ‘skew’ the statistics. I want to see how many of those are hunting related. Most of The people who reside in these states know how to handle guns. It’s the stupid hunting tourists and weekend warriors who cause most of the problems. And having lived in AK, I also know that suicide is a major problem there.

      • Chris

        You also have to realize that gun deaths include every aspect. Which means guns used in defense and the criminal was killed will also be counted in this

        For instance, it shows wyoming being one of the highest most dangerous gun states, but only 11 of those deaths are murders. Which means the rest of the gun deaths are accidents, defense killings, or suicides. According to FBI statistics, 60% of gun deaths are suicides, and only 3% are accidents. Which would indicated that the rest are split between defensive killings and murder. Since wyoming only had 11 deaths by murder, it would indicate that it has one of the highest defensive killing rates. In other words. It is only highly dangerous to criminals, not law abiding citizens. So I’ll choose WY or AK over the lower states to live in any day!

  • Rex

    These numbers suffer from the same deception commonly pushed by all anti-gun groups; they include suicides. More people in Utah and Alaska commit suicides with guns, because more homes have guns, but the overall rate of suicide is not correlated with the availability of guns. If Fox13 wants to accurately report on violent crime, publish a figure of homicides (only) per capita and you will see a completely different picture. We live in a very safe state.

    • dave

      So suicide with a gun shouldn’t count as a gun death? Doesn’t presence of a gun make suicide attempts much more successful?

      • Rex

        Yes, it is a gun death, but not a homicide. Facts are hard; you read past the fact that the presence of guns does not correlate to suicide. Look up accidental deaths (by any cause); by your logic, we should ban stairs, pools, and blunt objects. Context is key…

  • Rory Siwik

    This aint right.. Is it among the most dangerous, OR is it average? Critical thinking involved, not some pro agenda yellow journalism.

    “Utah has ranked in the list of the most dangerous states for gun deaths, according to numbers Rolling Stone just published. According to the report, our state has 12.2 gun deaths per 100,000 residents a year.
    That is about average, according to the study.

  • Jacob

    This shows murders per 100,000 people. Utah is 0.97 , California is 3.25 , Alaska is 2.24 , and Texas is 2.91 – thiese are the numbers that matter.

    • Trish Ramirez

      So suicides and ‘accidental’ (read: negligent) shooting deaths shouldn’t be factored in? A loss of human life is a loss of human life, whether it’s at the hands of violent stranger, yourself or your 4-year old because you’re too irresponsible to properly store your weapon.

      The numbers are valid. People want their guns, and they want their 2nd Amendment rights protected and upheld, but they don’t care about the losses of other Constitutional rights, or or the rights of others and themselves that are being lost to protect their right to own a gun or the lives that are being lost (in many cases children’s lives) because they want to own a gun but are not responsible enough to keep that gun out of the wrong hands.

      People are sacrificing their right to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure so they can own a gun. They are sacrificing other people’s rights be safe and secure so that they can own a gun they refuse to be responsible with. They care more about the right to own a gun than about the fact that our Constitutional rights not to be shot without a trial or even being cited by police officers are being taken away – actually, they are being GIVEN away – while people sit around complaining about guns.

      The gun thing is a red herring – it’s a diversionary tactic to keep your attention away from all of the other Constitutional rights that are being taken away, that you are asking to have taken away.

      You are so afraid for your own personal security that you are sacrificing basic liberties in order to have the right to own a gun.

      And in the end, the people you need to be worried about, the ‘big government’ you’re all afraid of, thus your need to have your guns, has bigger and BETTER guns. And after they have taken away all of the rest of your Constitutional rights while you were busy bickering about guns, they will use their bigger guns to come take away your little guns, and you won’t have any Constitutional or other legal remedies left to get your little guns back.

      Look at the big picture, people. Our Liberty is not all about the right to keep and bear arms. You people are losing focus on the big picture, and it is absolutely by design.

      “Those who would give up Essential Liberty
      to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
      deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      -Benjamin Franklin

      What is the opposite of Liberty? SLAVERY.

      Don’t be slaves to your government or guns.

      • Bob

        I’ll be glad to trade my 2nd Amendment rights for your 1st Amendment rights Trish. Until then we’re both just going to have to live with out Bill of Rights ….. assuming you know what they are.

      • Trish Ramirez

        I didn’t say that anyone’s dead kids trumped anyone’s rights.
        I only said that the right to bear arms is just one of many rights we are supposed to have – and while everyone is fighting about guns, the rest of our freedoms are being taken away.

  • Bob

    I second that.motion >>notice all red states have high gun related deaths. Note NY, CA, WA while all your redneck states (including the south) have the highest rates. Losers and your gun rights, yes its your right but do we really live in a society where you have to walk around with your gun on your hip? My neighbor in Seattle who just moved here from Montana did that on the 4th in a city that had 1 murder in its 65years as a city (that murder was by someone from another city) yet he sits there with a gun on like some hero or psychopath… Not necessary in the year 2014 to wear a gun like your in 1884.

  • Thomas Ruffing

    This story lacks journalist integrity. There is no cited source for the data, the journalist relies on a less than reliable and credible source for news, there is no visible effort to challenge or refute the claims made by the original author of the work (if there ever was one). All we see is a pretty interactive map of the U.S. with figures inserted. Sorry, pretty doesn’t make it valid or useful. In essence the whole thing looks to be a fabrication, a lie. This is why I have broken my habit of actually sitting through any newscast. Ironically FOX13 touts their Nielsen ratings as being the best in Utah news. “News” like this story really calls into question that particular claim. The question is why. Why? Why would a news network go to such lengths to publish this?

  • Alex Johnson

    ” Gun violence ” Does this count threatening with a firearm or pistol wiping? Is this citizens committing the violence or are police included in this stat pool. This is just shoddy journalism and anything from rolling stone is highly questionable .

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