Pleasant View police chief removed by city council

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PLEASANT VIEW, Utah — Members of the Pleasant View City Council removed its chief of police without cause after a closed session meeting Saturday afternoon.

The city council held a special council meeting to discuss the existing appointment of Chief D. Scott Jackson.

A closed session took place per Utah State Code to discuss the character, professional competence or physical or mental health of an individual, according to a press release from city administrator Melinda Greenwood.

After approximately three hours the council adjourned the closed session and went into the public meeting.

Mayor Toby Mileski called for a motion to unappoint Jackson without cause. Councilmen Jerold Burns and Scott Boehme supported the motion.

Councilmen Steve Gibson and Mike Humphreys dissented.

Councilman Mel Marker was excused from the vote.

The mayor broke the tie vote making the motion pass with a 3-2 vote, according to the release.

According to the release the council enacted a provision in the city ordinance to remove Jackson without cause.

Jackson served in the Pleasant View Police Department for 17 years. Fifteen of those years were in the capacity of chief.

“His many years of dedicated service are appreciated and the impact of his positive contributions to the community will be recognized for many years to come,” the release stated.

City officials stated they would not comment further on the issue because it is a personnel matter.


    • Burton

      You dont even know the man. He is a good cop and a good man. If the mayor is doing whats best for the people in Pleasant View maybe he should step down and put Officer Jackson back in his position. He has always been there protecting the city doing everything he can. The mayor clearly made a bad choice and soon he will see that and so will the reidents of Pleasant View. The Mayor should step down!

    • Arlee

      Trish, you hate all police. I thought ICE had depoted you so we would not have to listen to your diatribes!

    • dave

      unless i didnt understand this article right, it sounds like they are saying they fired the officer without any cause… i cant prove it but that sounds wrong. anyway my point is we have no evidence they officer did anything wrong or if he did what it was. so trish what are you basing your accusations off of. what makes this officer “a public threat”.

    • Trish Ramirez

      You really think they are going to fire a great cop for no reason behind closed doors and call it a personnel issue unless they had something to hide? If he’s not speaking out for himself, it’s because he did something that he doesn’t want people to know about.

      Pull your heads out.

      And Arlee, not all people with Mexican surnames are illegal aliens, you racist bigot.

  • Alex Vanderipe

    At the end of the day, it’s all really the oldest profession in the world. Nothing will change and the world will see to that.

    Look at that one site Rub Maps and see how it’s been growing from 2009. With all those free reviews, you can see how many people frequent that site and it leads to things such as these.

  • Mindy Cripps

    Good for you Trish Ramirez! Obviously Mayor Mikeski was elected because the city of Pleasant View was ready for change. Quite frankly, the actions of the council for not exposing the actual reason for termination, thereby allowing the chief to save face and attempt employment elsewhere is a gift. Most Mayors wouldnt absorb all this backlash and expose the chief for what he is. Kudos to Mayor Mikeski. Its a small town and he is trying to preserve dignity for this man and his family when factually he probably doesn’t deserve it!

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