Police: Alleged Logan shooter left note, murders stem from jealous rage

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LOGAN, Utah -- FOX 13 News has learned there was a third potential victim in Monday's apparent double-murder suicide near Utah State University.

Logan Police say the shooter is 23-year-old Jared Tolman, a Utah Guardsman.

Police say Tolman shot and killed 19-year-old Mackenzie Madden and 25-year-old Johnathon Sadler.

Investigators also believe Tolman may have tried to kill another young man before turning the gun on himself.

It appears to be the result of a jealous rage.

Logan Police say the shooter and victims knew each other and were friends at one point.

Jared Tolman graduated from Utah State with a political science degree in May and was a Utah Guardsman during his college years. He dated sociology student Madden but the two recently broke up.

Sadler recently met Madden, family friends say, and the two visited early Monday morning at Madden's university apartment when Tolman stormed in with an assault rifle.

"He had been sending some text messages to the female victim and he responded and it appears he opened fire on the male and female," said Logan Police Lt. Rod Peterson.

Neighbors heard multiple rounds fired.

"It was probably six times really fast and then it was quiet after that," said Ammon Neff.

Neighbor Derek Fisher said he heard a car screech away.

Police say after killing Madden and Sadler, the shooter wasn't finished.

Just before 1 a.m. Monday, he forced his way into a West Logan apartment where he may have intended to kill another young man who was involved with Madden.

"(He) kicked in the bedroom door and did not find that individual in his room because he was staying with family," Peterson said. "The two other roommates who were in their room."

The roommates hunkered down in their rooms.

Police say Tolman then used the assault rifle to end his life, enraged his ex-girlfriend moved on to other relationships and friendships.

"We believe Mr. Tolman was not comfortable with that and he left a suicide note in his home saying he was sorry and what he was about to do was selfish," Peterson said.

Friends and neighbors who knew Sadler grieved Monday, trying to make sense of what's been senseless.

"He hugged me in church yesterday just a good kid, just a really good kid," said Sadler family friend Gregg Miller.

"He was a kind and gentle spirit. He had a big stature but he was a very gentle and nice person," added the family's bishop, Steven Marcek.

A fund has been set up to help the Sadler family with funeral costs.

Click here for more information on the fund.

Madden was minoring in criminal justice and interned with Logan Police last fall.

Investigators say she was a wonderful person and ironically, during her internship, she studied how police agencies respond to active shooter scenarios.

Meanwhile, the Utah National Guard confirmed that Tolman was an equipment specialist, had never deployed and had been with the guard about five years.

Police say Tolman purchased the assault rifle, it was not issued by the military.


  • Trish Ramirez

    This is what happens in a society where men think they have some kind of ownership over women and see them as chattel rather than as their own independent selves.

    Nobody owns anyone else, we are all our own.

    • dave

      i think that can happen but i also have only met one person who feels that way and hes in jail now. id think its far more likely that this guy just didnt think he could get anyone else as good as her. if he felt he owned her he would have drug her back home like a tool. if he thought he could find someone else he would have thought screw her and got someone else. but if he placed his whole life into this girl and then she left he’d feel like the loss was too much and why not go out with a bang. dont get me wrong hes not ok for doing it but i just cant imagine his reason was because he felt like he owned her. i mean if my pipe wrench is at a friends house and its not supposed to be then i go get it and bring it home, i dont go shooting people.

    • Bob

      Yes, rrish, there are men like the ones you describe. There are also women who allow men like that to repeatedly abuse them, and then come running back for more.

      Lucky are the refined women who find refined men to make their lives with, and to raise their children with.

    • Conservative American (Bob)

      Refined women, Trish, seek out and find refined men who treat them like ladies. Unrefined women who want to display their tramp stamps attract unrefined men who look at them like $ex objects. See the difference? No, I don’t suppose you would.

  • M2

    Really?? There are family members reading this of their loved ones. That is one huge assumption in which I’m certain you have little knowledge of!! Here’s a thought, go off and do your own self evaluation before commenting on others! – It’s called RESPECT!!! This is why there should be no open comment dialog on stories like this!

  • Doreen

    It’s so heartbreaking to hear of stories like these, the loss of young lives that just started to shine. I hope both families can make sense of what has happened and try and put their heart and mind in a place where they can slowly return to some sense of normalcy. To their friends You know they would want y’all to tell your stories, play and sing their songs, and always keep their memory alive!! Most of all Keep their family close to your heart and be a phonecall away to check on them!! Prayers to ALL involved!!

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