Report: Charlotte offers Hayward maximum contract

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SALT LAKE CITY —  According to several reports online, the Charlotte Hornets have offered Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward a four-year deal valued at the maximum, $63 million.

Hayward is a restricted free agent, so the Jazz will have three days to make a counter- offer.

The team has said all along they intend to match any offer he receives.

Back in October, the Jazz had the opportunity to extend Hayward’s contract, but at the time the team was reportedly unwilling to match the  $13 million-a-year Hayward wanted.

The $63 million dollar deal now on the table would average $15.75 million a year.

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  • RogerB

    To paraphrase a popular song… Let Him Go! Gordon, like Kirilenko, is always talked about as having great potential, yet he never seems able to reach that potential. He is inconsistent at best. Don’t pay max money to keep him. He’s not worth it.

  • Robert Irons

    I say, Let him go! I am tired of all these athletes being paid such high salaries that real fan’s can only afford the nose bleed seats once in a great while.

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