Police: Mom killed son because she ‘just didn’t want him anymore’

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QUEENS, Ny. – Authorities said a mother told them she killed her own baby son because she “reached her breaking point.”

Nicole Kelly, 22, is now facing second-degree murder charges for killing her 11-month-old boy, according to WPIX.

Baby Kiam Felix, Jr. died in the hospital Sunday after Kelly and the baby’s father took him in.

After her son’s death, Kelly posted in part on her Facebook page, “Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life I feel horrible knowing he passed away. Am [sic] his Mother. I was supposed to protect him.”



Police said Kelly wrapped her baby so tightly in a bed sheet that he could not move or breathe.

WPIX reported Kelly allegedly left the boy on the bed for half an hour while she showered.

When the baby turned blue, she called Kiam’s father.

According to the Queens District Attorney’s Office, Kelly told investigators, “I reached my breaking point; I didn’t want him anymore.”

If found guilty, she could face a life sentence.

MORE: See the full story from WPIX here


    • Ewa

      Kartman, I wanted to say same thing! Abortion is legal, isn’t it? Abortion = woman doesn’t want her child anymore. Let’s say this was a bit late abortion, in 20th month.

  • Armand de Sillègue

    Lock that in a cell.

    Throw away the key.

    Don’t feed.

    Argh! NOTHING EXCUSES MURDER! If she couldn’t take it anymore, she should have brought the child to protection services.

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