2 animal control officers injured while capturing canine

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WEST JORDAN, Utah — Two animal control officers were injured last week after they attempted to capture a dog.

Animal control responded to a call near 2800 W. 8600 South on July 2 after a tenant called to report a stray dog that seemed aggressive.

When the officer approached the dog, an akita, to put a leash on it, the dog latched onto his arm and shook him around.

Sgt. Dan Roberts of the West Jordan Police Department spoke about the incident.

“When the animal control officer went to put a leash on, the dog without provocation attacked him, viciously shook him around and tore up both of his arms,” he said. “More officers responded and were able to get the dog safely into custody. When we were transferring the dog to one officer’s vehicle to another one, the dog attacked the second animal control officer and tore up his arm pretty bad as well.”

The animal has been placed in quarantine, and officers are waiting to get voluntary custody of the dog to have it euthanized. If that is not successful, officials said they will seek a court order.


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  • DaFish

    Maybe Fox13 is becoming too liberal… Fame the death of a dog with constant coverage and videos. But the violent attack of humans protecting a playground with children and not so much…

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