Man runs over other driver in alleged road rage incident

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WEBER COUNTY, Utah – A man is in the hospital after getting run over in a possible road rage incident overnight.

Officials said it happened on westbound I-84 near mile marker 87 just before sunset Sunday night.

Witnesses said the driver of a silver pick-up truck was driving recklessly and putting others on the road in danger.

Weber County police said some other drivers surrounded the truck and got him to pull over.

Police said a man went up to the truck driver and tried to get him out of the vehicle.

Officers said that’s when another man started banging on the truck’s passenger side window, shattering the glass.

Witnesses said the truck driver then ran over the man who broke the glass and sped off.

“We had two or three people that witnessed it that had 911 on their cell phone,” UHP Sgt. Brandon Whitehead said. “They were keeping dispatch in contact with his current location. He fled the scene at a high rate of speed, upwards of 100 miles an hour on Interstate 84.”

With the help of witnesses, police caught the truck driver in Riverdale.

Officials said the man who was run over suffered a broken ankle and head injuries.

Police are still investigating and said they don’t know if alcohol or drugs played a role.

Authorities said the driver could be facing several charges.


  • Bob

    The truck driver’s insurance will be on the hook, and if the driver doesn’t have enough insurance the victim can go after anything the fool owns.

  • Kd

    I was so Scarred I knew something was going on when Smoke from Brakes blew up in the Air then I saw this Flat Bed work truck Try to force another car off the road almost into the barrier, and from that moment things just got worse the poor guy in the hospital was run down to where he hit his head and passed out on the ground and he Drove over his foot which tossed his body over like a rag doll, The Driver of that flat bed truck should never be allowed to drive again.

  • moto

    Maybe the guy should not have busted out the truck window, dude was already pulled over and boxed in. If he would have stayed in his vehicle he would not have been run over. Another wanta-be cop

    • Bob

      Maybe the puke in the truck should have been driving like an intelligent human being instead of a drugged up fool. Now the idiot has to start forking out money for bail, and good attorney, and a new insurance company that accepts drunk drivers.

      • Craig

        I never noticed anything in this story or any other story I read about this that said he was a drugged up fool. As I was not there and do not know if he was driving erratically or just people saying that because he was aggressive, but I do know a lot of the people on I-84 do not know how to drive on it at all. I do know that if someone would have started to bust open my window it would have been a bullet that welcomed them not my front bumper.

        If he was drugged up then call the police give them his license plate number, follow him, and if he really was a danger to someone pin him in, but the minute they got out of their cars and started to confront him they turned into the aggressor and I hope charges are brought up against them and the people who were running red lights to keep up with him. There is a reason police train for high speed chases and have lights and sirens.

  • Kari

    Why is there no mention of the red truck that was the first involved? If he hadn’t taken matters into his own hands this wouldn’t have happened. Both trucks passed us miles before the exit of the canyon at a high speed. The mob mentality that led to several people (not one person) surrounding the truck and beating on it began because the red truck was trying to stay in control. The appropriate action was to follow the reckless driver, get a license plate number, and call 911. As a result, someone was needlessly injured, and many people are lucky to have not been hit by approaching cars with how many people felt the need to be a ‘hero,’ leaving their cars to walk around a major (luckily slow at the time) highway. As it was, with the exception of reporting to 911 as things were happening, we didn’t get involved until we saw someone lying in the road, obviously hurt. The only ones that did the right thing, imo, were the people that followed to help the police find him. Also, the truck was not blocked in, no blockade of cars was formed. When he tried to exit the highway, the red truck, again, trying to maintain control, cut in front of him, the silver truck left the exit, but found a stopped car in the road preventing him from moving forward, which is when the mob converged. People need to stop taking dangerous situations into their own hands. A highway is no place to be walking around, regardless of your level of anger or how many other people are out there. I certainly hope the driver of the red truck is held responsible for his actions as well.

    • Kd

      As being someone who was up close and personal and saw everything only two Men got out of Vehicles on the Shoulder of the road I never saw more than two people walk up to the truck only one of them reached the vehicle and he asking him to turn it off and stop endangering his family. not sure what the drivers responded to this request was but he put the truck in Reverse and the guy started to bang on the window and he took off this action causing the person hitting the window to be thrown forward into a van when he hit his head and black out then the driver drove over him and it threw his body around. We thought he was Dead that’s what one of the vehicles said when they took off following him. I thank those who followed the guy and helped the police locate him. I don’t agree with how these people took matters into their own hands but I feel that this person who has no concern for the people on the road might think about driving reckless again. what if this had not happened and a few more miles down the road he Ran someone else off the road and they lost control and caused more harm then he did this day. I feel strongly that things happen for a reason even if this wakes these reckless drivers up. Everyone needs to be more aware of the people around them on the roads drive safe if you see someone like this report them pull over let them go ahead don’t engage.

    • Bob

      If an impaired driver wants to endanger the lives of everybody on the highway he deserves to get his windows broken out. At a minimum this fool will be charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident. People go to jail for things like that.

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