At the Movies: ‘Tammy’

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Steve Oldfield took a look at Melissa McCarthy's newest film, check out this week's edition of At the Movies for his review of "Tammy."


  • Tori

    Her crude and scary stuff is hilarious ! Her movies the heat and identity thief are funny:) Sometimes the movies are good and make sense sometimes they ain’t so funny and entertaining to others . Everyone likes different actors and different Kinds of comedies so the movie Tammy is probably funny probably not it matters what you like and think :)

  • Chubby Kid From South Park

    90 minutes of a fat lady f a r t i n g. But I guess the trailer park demographic is pretty huge.

  • TannyLynn75

    Steve Oilfield has no clue what hes talking about. I dont know why hes able to review movies when he has no sense of humor at all. I love all of her movies and would watch any movie that shes in or will be in, in the future. She is a wonderful actor.

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