Father of child killed in school bus accident upset about charges filed against driver

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah -- It’s the everyday inside the Crosby home, when the entire family comes together, that it’s easy to notice one is missing.

“The feeling and the pain will remain forever," David Crosby said. "Losing a child is hard. It's extremely hard."

It’s only been two months since his 10-year-old daughter, Seleny, was killed, and the wounds at their home in South Jordan are far from ever being healed.

"We try to be good parents. We try to be good Christians. I try to be a good husband. Why?” asked Crosby.

On April 30, Seleny was getting off a school bus just a few blocks from home when she was hit by another bus as she crossed the street.

According to police, the driver of Seleny’s bus stopped improperly and used the wrong signaling, which meant other drivers on the road had no idea she was about to cross.

On Thursday, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office charged the driver, Troy Daniels, with reckless endangerment and failure to signal for the accident. But for Crosby, that’s not nearly enough.

“I was expecting a felony, a second-degree felony at least," Crosby said. "Because my daughter is not sick, my daughter is not at the hospital: My daughter is dead."

He wants to see both drivers involved held accountable.

“If I kill somebody outside because I neglected, because I was a reckless driver, and somebody was killed and that's just a misdemeanor? A child's life was taken,” Crosby said.

According to chief deputy Blake Nakamura at the district attorney’s office, the law only allows them to do so much.

“Certainly, we understand that sentiment, but it’s not a question that is ours to answer in the filing of the charges,” Nakamura said. “Our question is what charges fit, based upon the evidence. And we proceed accordingly.”

But Crosby plans to request a meeting with the DA to further review the charges. He believes the incident warrants a more severe punishment.

“What is the message that we are sending, if any child is killed, they can be free?” Crosby said. “They can go free: That is the message that we’re sending to the community.”


  • Sammie Anderson

    To Seleny’s family:

    I understand what you are going through. My son was killed almost three years ago when he was 10 due to neglect and endangerment by his child care provider.
    No charges were ever filed. Not because the law didn’t allow for it, but because as terrible as it was, as tragic, it was an accident.
    My advice to you is this. Forgive. It is the greatest gift you will ever give your family or yourself. A stricter punishment for those responsible will not heal the wounds you have, it will not make this easier. Those responsible are suffering, believe me. They are grieving as well, feeling immense guilt. They cannot sleep, eat, or truly function, for they took your little one from you.
    Seleny is yours.
    Cherish the time you had with her. Have gratitude for every moment she was alive, each breath she took, each smile, each time you looked in her eyes or held her. Breathe her in.
    She is not gone. Your memories keep her alive.
    In my home, we speak of my son every day. There are photos of him everywhere. I still speak to him as if he’s right beside me – and at times, I know his spirit is.
    Look for those tender mercies, because they are there. Allow yourself to forgive, because that’s what makes healing possible.
    If you’d like to talk, Fox News has my permission to give you my contact information.

    • jessyv74

      This is beautiful, what you said. Made me cry but so true. I am sorry for the loss of both these souls but know how blessed we all are to have the time we do with loved ones. My heart hurts for this father, may Seleny sleep with the angels and comfort her family. I too know they are not gone but with us in a different way for ever 💗 you can help many…

  • Human Compassion

    I totally understand where everyone is coming from here, but I do believe that the father is correct, that the charges SHOULD be harsher. If you text and drive and kill someone, it’s a felony. We are talking about a bus driver, entrusted with the care of children, who didn’t follow the rules. Because of this bus driver’s negligence, this family has lost a daughter and a sister. A mere slap on the wrist is NOT punishment enough.

    Sure, the driver didn’t intend for this to happen. Just like a person texting while driving certainly has no intent to kill a pedestrian. This isn’t about intent, it’s about negligence, following the rules and knowing better.

    This bus driver knew the rules, she knew better than to let that little one cross without taking 2 seconds to use the proper signals, and but for that negligence, that baby would still be alive. That little girl’s life is worth more than a slap on the wrist.

    I realize that this bus driver is going to have to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life, but so is this little girl’s family. A family that put their TRUST in a bus driver to do her job with diligence and care, to ensure the safety of their child. Because the bus driver had the tools at her disposal to ensure that other drivers were aware that she was dropping off a child, and she failed to use them.

    Our criminal justice system is supposed to be about justice. I don’t think that this driver should be in jail for the rest of her life or anything, but she should at least be punished as harshly as a teenager who texts and drives and kills someone. The victim’s family is who we should be concerned about at this point – THEY are the ones who did NOTHING wrong, they should feel satisfied that the person responsible for their daughter’s death is getting a punishment befitting her crime.

  • m

    The driver was at fault for not using flashers and putting his sign out , but, if she had looked both ways before darting across the street she would be alive today. Cars run red lights all the time. . I have seen school buses with flashers on and sign out and cars still fly by. People have been killed in crosswalks, we must all be responsible for our own safety. If she had just taken a moment to make sure it was safe to cross, she would be here today. Parents need to teach safety when it comes to crossing the street.

  • Finny Wiggen

    The tagline of this article made me think that I was going to read a news story about a forgiving family, that understood that accidents happen, and that did not want to see the bus driver’s life ruined, due to an error that any of us could have committed.

    You know the type of story I am talking about. Where victims find peace, and express love and forgiveness. The kind of stories that live on in speeches, talks, books, and that make the victims look like heroes for decades to come.

    Instead, as I read, I find out that the family is instead doing the opposite…. They are seeking to further punish the bus driver…

    Consider me disappointed!

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