Charges filed against Jordan school district bus driver after girl’s death

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah - A Jordan school district bus driver is now facing charges after a 10-year-old girl was killed in May.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney's office has filed reckless endangerment and failure to stop charges against 44-year-old Troy Daniels of Kearns, Utah.

Back in April, Daniels was driving a school bus 10-year-old Seleny Crosby was on.

According to the probable cause statement, “…Daniels deviated from his normal routine by pulling to the side of the road…and activated his 4-way hazard flashers while offloading students. Daniels chose not to activate his red lights and signals or stop sign in the lane of travel because he needed to hand out flyers to the students as they offloaded.” “When S.C. exited the bus, she immediately ran in front of her bus to cross 4000 West. S.C. ran in to the southbound lane of travel, where she was hit by school bus number 1482 traveling southbound.”

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  • Gail Capson

    So sad my heart goes out to her family , poor judgment error on bus driver . lets not burn the witch .. as tragic as it was . im sure he too feels great remorse .

  • Madeline

    As a trained professional school bus driver, Why did the driver who actually killed the child, not heed caution? Both of the drivers should have been held accountable.

  • Chubby Kid From South Park

    What is the point of criminal charges in this case? Who stands to benefit? Will the driver be more sorry? Will the victim be less dead?

    It was obviously just a tragic accident. Why is the government’s first instinct, in such situations, to ruin MORE lives?

  • MJ Brewer

    Anytime a school bus is stopped with students on board the 4-way flashing red lights are activated. Handing out flyers has nothing to do with laziness or absentmindedness. When it comes to children’s safety, which is what bus drivers are supposed to be keyed for, the children ALWAYS come first. And for those asking, yes, I was a school bus driver for several years and have seen my fair share of lackadaisical drivers, both on the bus and off.

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