Police vehicles provide escort for young brown bear passing through Park City

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PARK CITY, Utah — Police vehicles drove ahead of a bear to warn people to keep out of the animal’s path as it made its way through parts of Park City Wednesday afternoon, but by the time wildlife officials arrived to capture the bear it had gone.

Capt. Phil Kirk of the Park City Police Department said the young brown bear was estimated to weigh about 250 pounds and was initially spotted on Mellow Mountain near City Park in Park City around 2:30 p.m.

The young animal made its way into the park and ran through the volleyball courts there before heading toward Park City Mountain Resort and then the Park Meadows Golf Course. The bear passed several parties of golfers before it climbed up a mountain and disappeared from view. Police officials drove ahead of the bear to warn people to stay out of the way, and Kirk said the bear didn’t make any aggressive moves toward people.

Personnel from the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources who were dispatched to capture the bear arrived after the animal had left.


  • Ben

    Really? I thought there were no brown bears in Utah since 1920! If this is true, then this is bigger news than is being made of it…

  • Josh

    Did it escape from the zoo? We haven’t had brown bears in Utah since 1920… so this is likely a black bear that is brown in color…

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