Man sentenced to prison for murdering infant

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OGDEN, Utah – A man who admitted to killing a 2-month-old baby was sentenced Wednesday and can expect to spend at least the next 15 years in prison.

Jeremy Marshall, 37, was sentenced Wednesday for the 2011 murder of his then-girlfriend's infant daughter, and FOX 13 News’ Scott McKane was there to report on the proceedings.

Prosecutors said Marshall caused Kennedy’s death by shaking the child, and they said Marshall had broken nearly every bone in the young girl’s body over the course of a period spanning from the time the girl was two weeks old until her death about two months later. Court documents state Marshall pleaded guilty to murder as a first-degree felony as part of a plea deal.

The victim’s mother, Afton Moneypenny, spoke about the sentence.

"No matter whether he got life without parole, it doesn't matter: She'll never come back,” she said. “No words can express how I feel. I'm almost dumfounded."

Moneypenny said she is at least relieved that this portion of the legal proceedings is finally over. She also spoke about Marshall.

"He killed my baby... that's a monster," she said.


  • Generic

    And where where you dear mommy when he was breaking every bone in her body? Where you blind, stupid or you just didn’t care because you wanted to keep your man at all cost? I tell you what, there is no ocean deep enough or mountain high enough where a man who did something like that to one of my children could hide from me…I would have put mommy in jail too!

  • Bob

    Afton Moneypenny says “I’m almost dumfounded.” Well Afton, so am I. Many children are afraid of the imaginary monster hiding under the bed. In this case the baby’s mother invited a real live genuine baby killer into her home.
    Ladies: That new boyfriend you bring home is interested in a physical relationship with you, and the last thing he want to deal with is a baby sired by another male.

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