Real? Man claims to have first clear photo of Bigfoot, said spotted in Virginia

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A Virginia man claims to have the first clear photos of Bigfoot.

Cryptozoology News reported Randy O’Neal said his father and a friend took the photographs late last month.

O’Neal posted the images to YouTube and said, “Finally, a photo that is not blurry nor hidden behind a tree. A clear photo of Bigfoot standing out in the wide open. You be the judge.”

So, do you think this is real?

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  • Tad

    Anyone who admits to taking a shot at something without knowing what he is shooting at is an idiot and an . If this photo is legitimate, evidence at the scene will be the proof, not the photo analysis.

    • Linda

      you don’t just shoot at something without knowing what it is. Just stupid and ignorant! People like that dont need guns..

  • Lee goodell

    Based on the information given this is a hoax. It’s stated that the picture is from a cell phone camera taken 25 years ago which would be 1989. The first commercially available cell phone camera was the Samsung SCH-V200 which came on the market in June of 2000.

    • chelsee

      He didn’t say the pictures were from 25 years old. He was saying he shot something 25 years ago when he was camping with his dad. Then he said they have been wondering for 25 years. He shows the date the pictures were takeb. June 28 2014.

  • Angela

    He doesn’t claim the photo was taken 25 years ago. He told his experience as a child that happened 25 years ago. This is a very recent photo taken by his Father close to where they had previously camped. He thinks it could be the same creature he shot at before.

  • Jordan

    Now I don’t believe this is true and I don’t think that it was photoshopped it could be a shadow it could be a prop anyways if it really is a thing then its probably cane, that would explain the hair. :P

  • TannyLynn75

    What if this isn’t an animal at all? What if its one of those people that have that problem (i cant remember what its called) Where they just grow hair everywhere and cant get rid of it no matter how much they shave it off. Thats what it looks like to me.

  • m. johnson

    im a paranormal investigator also specializing in unknown animal sightings I have blown this up and repixaled you can see a nose and something of a face its a large bipedal ape like creature I myself would cauterize this as a bigfoot sighting and a ligament one Backwoods paranormal investigations

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