Judge signs eviction order for Park City Mountain Resort

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SILVER SUMMIT — A judge has made it official: Park City Mountain Resort will be evicted from the slopes it uses, unless an agreement can be reached.

An order filed Tuesday in 3rd District Court makes it official, giving PCMR 60 days to remove its property from the slopes. However, it was halted until at least August 27. That’s when a court hearing is scheduled, where the judge could continue to issue a stay — or set a new deadline for any eviction.

Read the judge’s order here:


In a hearing last month, Judge Ryan Harris ruled that PCMR can be evicted from the slopes. However, he delayed his order until the end of August and told both sides to enter into mediation.

The judge ruled in May that PCMR missed a key deadline to renew its lease on the slopes, giving control of them to Talisker.


  • Bob

    Neither side has Park City’s interests at heart. PCMR screwed up, and at the end of the day They’ll be gone and the world will move on.

  • Finny Wiggen

    I am glad to hear that PCMR is being evicted from the upper slopes. First they miss their lease deadline, something a $10 hr employee would not miss, then they sue their landlord, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. The lawsuit not being levied for something the landlord did, but as an attempt to negate the mistake that PCMR made. ie, we made a huge embarrassing mistake, so now we are going to sue YOU to cover it up.

    They really do not deserve to be in business!

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