‘Anti-gay group’ to hold 2015 convention in Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Human Rights Organizations call the World Congress of Families an anti-gay hate group and they're coming to Salt Lake City next year.

The group's backers include The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the conservative think-tank, Sutherland Institute.

The World Congress of Families is a global group.

The Sutherland Institute is organizing what they call a celebration but not everyone feels that way.

"I think it's very disappointing," said Steven Ha, the Executive Director of the Utah Pride Center.

The global group with close ties to Utah has picked Salt Lake City to host a conference, centered on celebrating what they describe as the natural family, but not everyone is thrilled about their venue or their cause.

"We feel like this group, their platform is religious fundamentalism, that promotes a narrow definition of the human family and therefore can sometimes can distort the definition of a great human family that comes in the practice of compassion, and love that is very expansive and diverse," Ha said.

The World Congress of Families is a global network of organizations, which some human rights advocates say condemns homosexuality.

The group's headquarters in Illinois is listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate map. Its members include Stanford Swim, a trustee of the Sutherland Institute. Elder Dallin Oaks, one of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, in the LDS Church is listed as an Honorary Member.

"I think it comes as a shock that there is an association between the church and this group that other law centers have dubbed this group to be a hate group," Ha said.

The LDS Church released a statement saying:

"Although the Church wasn't involved in the decision of the World Congress of Families to come to Salt Lake City, we appreciate the efforts of organizations working to strengthen the family and society."

"It's not to be anti-anything," said David Buer, spokesman for Sutherland Institute.

The conservative think-tank is organizing the conference, which will include speakers, musicians and scholars who will shine a light on traditional marriage.

"It's a great opportunity for Salt Lake City to get on the world stage for such an important event on a topic that's really front and center in American society and across the world," Buer said.

Sutherland says there's nothing hateful about the conference.

"It's a celebration with all that is good with traditional marriage," Buer said.

The conference will take place in 2015 in October at the Little and Grand America Hotels. They anticipate at least 3,000 people to attend.


  • Bob

    Homosexuals like to brand everyone who disagrees with their lifestyle has hatemongers. What ever happened to the First Amendment right to free speech, and the right to dossent?
    Just because i don’t eat anchovies doesn’t mean I hate those who do.


    This is a tacky biased article…unimpressed with the author!!!! Just as everyone has the right…….not just special interest groups…..to stand for a way of life in a society, does NOT make them a hate group!!! I dislike drugs but that does not mean I hate anyone who uses!!!!!!! UNPROFESSIONAL ARTICLE!!

      • Bob

        You sound like a died in the wool bigot Bob. The hate you spout is a reflection of the feelings you harbor inside. It’s like a cancer Bob, and the only one it hurts is you.

  • Stuart McDonald

    This Nazi group, brought here by the Nazi Mormon Church top leadership (through their faux independent puppet group The Sutherland Institute), like the Nazi National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and all the other Nazi churches, religions, groups and individuals claiming support for “Traditional Families”, don’t care AT ALL about families except as efficient units of their Nazi control over the individuals in them.

    • H. Dickensen

      Wow, it seems you could work for Fox 13 with that slanted view of reality. And probably you don’t know much about Nazi’s either, but why thwart your outrage with facts.

  • Bob

    Clicking on Stuart McDonald’s name will detail the reason for his unbridled hate for those who believe in marriage between one man and one woman. It also reveals the terrible price he is paying for the path he chose to follow.
    It is always easier to blame others for the consequences of our personal choices.

  • Jackie Clark

    They ARE hate groups. They have direct ties to and involvement with groups that would like to see homosexuals KILLED and eradicated. The average person knows very little of where the tentacles reach for these people involved in groups such as the Sutherland Institute, NOM, and World Congress of Families. Many GLBT do know. We have to because as in most things, if it doesn’t effect the general populace directly, they just don’t have their facts and mostly don’t care. Consider this when you are comparing hating drugs or anchovies to the killing of human beings. Because THAT is exactly what was/is being done in this comment section.

    • Bob

      Baloney Jackie Clark. The great majority of us who believe in traditional families have nothing against homosexuals, and in fact have friends among that group. Not only are you a bigot, but it would appear that you have an unjustified paranoia. Perhaps you should consult a psychiatrist …. or maybe you already do.

      • RET

        You shot yourself in the foot with the word “lifestyle” You refer to your so-called friends as “among that group”. You dug yourself into a hole.

      • Jackie Clark

        Bob, you do not know know me. You have no right to attack me personally. Hilarious that you call me a bigot, even more you suggesting psychiatry to folks that you do not know. It is not baloney that there are groups calling for the killing of homosexuals. It IS baloney that folks like you are ignorant enough not to investigate into these things and see the reality of the situation. I am sure your “friends in that group” think highly of you. You are a beacon in the darkness.

    • Bob

      One thing I don’t do Jackie is hide in the closet. Yes, sometimes it’s hard for a homosexual to look in the mirror and see a bigot staring back at him.

  • blueboyblonde

    i may have to stop going to the little america and grand america chain as well as never use another sinclair gas station as it sounds like if they are going to host such an event then they do not serve another dime from me. good by sinclair gas and grand america hotel chain

    • Bob

      So tell us about your family BlueBoy. Will you be taking your son to a baseball game this week? How about a daddy daughter date with your oldest daughter? Got any plans for a BBQ with your family this weekend?

    • Jeremy

      Just an FYI… The Grand American Hotel also hosted the Human Rights Campaign Gala last month. I don’t think they support any one side specifically.

      I don’t agree with the World Congress of Families at all. But, don’t boycott a company that also supported. Your choice though.

  • Bob

    Why are organizations who support traditional families being labeled as hate groups. Aren’t people allowed to have opinions any more without being labeled as haters?

    Is there some reason why transgendered folks can’t have families of their own?

    • Jackie Clark

      Folks can have all the opinions they want, Bob. But folks can’t legislate hate and bigotry no matter what they wrap it up in. Some folks just forget that their views on traditional marriage IS an opinion. The hate comes from your side. You should seek some psychiatric help for this “victim” syndrome you are currently experiencing, or perhaps you already are. Good luck at any rate.

      • Bob

        Read the comments from STUART MCDONALD above and then tell me where the hate comes from Jackie. I’m too busy with my family to waste time or energy hating anybody.
        For a real dose of entertainment click on his name to pull up his web site and read about how the hospital has been poisoning his food.

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