Video: Truck driver honks at cop until he pulls over, calls him out for unsafe driving

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This YouTube video shows an exchange between a truck driver and a police officer in Illinois. When the officer asks the truck driver why he was honking his horn, the man says he did so because he saw the officer was using a cell phone and speeding on wet roads. It isn’t clear how fast the officer was going, but in the video the officer goes from arguing with the truck driver about his speed to later thanking the man for looking out for the safety of those on the road.

“You were just trying to help me out, help me drive safely,” the officer says just before the 4:00 mark in the video. “I understand that.”

See the video above for the full exchange.


  • tammy kalipetsis

    you go guy, i think the people everywhere in this country.should police the police. come they get away with every thing so many people have so many unlawful convictions you do we talk to? tammy

    • Dentortrons

      I say we conduct a social experiment. Those who are anti police can live together in some big city for a few weeks with no police presence. I wonder how that would work out?

      • Micro08

        You’re missing the point here – it’s not about not needing the cops, we do need some supervision. We pay taxes to be able to provide this service to ourselves. We don’t need self-righteous cops that are above the very laws we are subjected to either. The cop was conciliatory when he returned; I don’t think they are used to getting called out when they break the law.

      • Jenn

        I wouldn’t consider myself “anti-police”, but I’d like to be included in social experiment anyway. Where do I sign up?!

  • Shayla

    I have a problem with this, because this guy wasn’t honking his horn and recording that conversation to make the roads safer, he had an agenda and a “point to prove.” If he was honestly concerned, the best approach is to simply take the license plate number and call in and report it, just like you would with anyone else.

    • Dentortrons

      I agree Shayla. As much as I know some police officers abuse their power, this guy was just looking to get the cop in trouble. The truck guy should be thankful the cop took his time to write a good report or whatever.

      • Chubby Kid From South Park

        Cops are just looking to get YOU in trouble. They get paid for it, in fact. The trucker was doing it for free. Be grateful for his generosity.

      • John

        That’s exactly what this corrupt police officer is hoping the truck driver will think, too. “You should be thankful I didn’t abuse my power against you! Aren’t I a swell guy?”

        The truck driver wasn’t trying to get him in trouble, he was trying to get the officer to admit to his mistake, which the officer NEVER DID. The officer did his best to weasel out of it, and you’ve fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker. You’re part of the reason that people with undeserved authority think they can get away with so much abuse of power.

    • Rebecca James

      I disagree Shayla, if he hadnt recorded the event and just called to report it….it would have been ignored…the police need to be policed by the people that pay their salary…just sayin!

      • Dentortrons

        Rebecca, does that mean I can police those on welfare since I am paying for their food and medical?

      • Ron

        The police need to be policed by citizens that are informed and understand the laws as well as their Department Policies in order to be able to hold the Department and its officers accountable to something. By having this understanding and knowledge it eliminates “personal Bias” and emotional judgement and promotes a fair system of accountability and not your average online “Monday morning quarter backing” some commentators put up on here.

  • Jennifer McConnell

    That’s a good story. It’s about time someone calls out the police for violating laws that they ticket us for. I appreciate all they do for us, but they are human too and can cause accidents just like us regular folk do when talking on cell phones while driving.

  • Destiny

    The truck driver was a total jerk. The officer stated they are exempt from the law of not being able to use technology while driving. I’ve seen multiple officers on their phones and computers while driving and have never heard of any one of them getting into an accident obviously there is a reason they are exempt from that law. The officer handled it perfectly with courtesy and tact. People need to start treating officers with the respect they deserve for putting their lives on the line for people who don’t appreciate them.

      • Ron

        Actually they are exempt from SOME laws in order to do their jobs effectively. BUT thats why they have department Policies to keep them in Check (Theoretically speaking). Some of those policies are public some arent. All their calls come via laptop and they have to be informed of what they are in route to. Some calls come via phone and they have the option to take the call while driving or to pull over and take it. Keep in mind that a lot of time these departments are running on low man power and several officers could be taking several calls (calls for assistance from the public) at the same time. I was on a ride along with an officer whom got a phone call from a previous witness who decided he was going to provide a statement after previously stating he was not and was looking to see how he could provide that to the officer, all while the officer was driving enroute to a shoplifter at a walmart that was becoming agitated with security.

    • Joel

      Is the officer not human like we are? Are they not prone to accidents? And just because the officer stated something, doesn’t make it true. They are human, they can lie or have the laws wrong and they can cause accidents.

    • mike

      police are suppose to follow law just like the rest of us this is from someone who’s dad and brother are both in law enforcement

    • jeff

      What about the truck driver that is putting his life on the line to male sure you have toilet paper to wipe your butt. Look up the stats. There’s 3.1 million active semi’s on the road in the US and the percentage of wrecks their involved in is about 10% while automobiles is almost 31%. Trucks are slower have a longer stopping distance and can not maneuver like a automobile. So who’s the better driver?

    • Jenna

      I had a family die in a car accident a few years ago because a cop car was speeding without his lights on. To say that any cop doesn’t have to follow the laws that we follow on the road is completely unsafe and unjust. What makes a cop a better driver than any of us to where they do not have to follow the safety laws on the road?

    • diane masters

      In fact, I think the officer was a total jerk – didn’t like being honked at, so pulled the driver over. Love that the driver had the guts to call out the cop for HIS violations. They are NOT above the law. The cop knew he was SO wrong and was being recorded, so practically groveled being a “nice guy”. Made my day.

    • Sean

      The officer admitted he was in the wrong in using his cell phone while driving, then lied and said he didn’t remember it, all after he said he was above the law accidentally and stopped himself from finishing that. I think the truck driver was respectful and did everything right there, he’s also aware that if the officer didn’t know he was recording he would have gotten at least one ticket and the officer would not have reacted like that to save his own butt. He taught the officer a lesson that day, that they are not above the law they are people like you and I.

  • hymwht

    The thing that bugs me about this is that when the cop is ‘copping’ up to what happened, the truck driver is still totally defensive and won’t let it go. I understand that he was trying to ‘police’ the policeman, but he did it just to get back at the cop and he was angry. If he honestly had a problem he would have been respectful to the officer and explained that he felt the officer was driving recklessly and that he was concerned. He didn’t need to be rude or belligerent, which he was. I am very impressed with the way the officer handled the situation and I feel it would have been totally within his right to give the driver a ticket for unlawful horn use. Having the video on didn’t do anything. If he had received a ticket then sent in a complaint to the department, they could have pulled up the audio and done a review of the event. The driver videoing and posting online that video shows that all he wanted the attention and glory of ‘getting back’ at an officer.

  • Stop being a sheeple

    Cops should be held to a HIGHER standard than the average citizen, not a lower one.
    This trucker was right on, but I’m surprised the cop didn’t just shoot him in the face and light his truck on fire for getting out of line.
    We’re living in a police state, and it won’t stop until the majority refuses to comply.

  • rose

    I think this video is funny. The officer knows he was wrong.. Why would he offer a penalty inspection when he clearly did not have to? Also, if he wasn’t doing anything wrong he could have and should have wrote the truck driver up for unlawful horn use or whatever. The officer knew he was in the wrong and tried to compensate. Police officers should be held to the same standards as the rest of us. They should be held to higher standards when it comes to traffic violations. If you aren’t going to follow the rules, why are we paying you to enforce them? That’s like going to church and having your drinking buddy who cusses and sleeps around giving the sermon. If you don’t practice what your preach your word or your integrity is lost. That’s the point.

  • Julie Dumar-Begay

    Police and other emergency vehicles are exempt while they are on duty. And they can use technology (cell phones & laptop) while driving. In a sense, yes, they are and can be above the law. If you notice, the officer skirted around admitting he was at fault. “Going to the headquarters” is not the same as going to an “accident site” or some other emergency call. He had the audacity to try and give the trucker a ticket!! Police officers & other agents of the law are humans like the rest of us even though most of them think otherwise. They think they can justify all their police academy training, but in the end, they have the same faults as the rest of us minions. On a different note, I saw a Catholic priest speed by me one time and thought the same thing–“Is he above human law(s) just because he’s clergy?”

  • Kimberly

    I was pulled over for “Unlawful use of a horn” on 9th south a couple years ago when a motorcycle cop was waving cars over and traffic stopped in front of me but I could see a green light. Because a large truck was ahead of me I couldn’t see why they weren’t moving so I honked….he waved me over. I had to ask for his Srgt to dispute the ticket and while we were waiting he let me go.

  • Angie

    Truck driver your a little baby, this cop was trying to be nice after the fact. Your a little baby wasting the cops time . Get audio book while your on the road cause clearly you have to much time on your hands whole on the road. Grown man acting like a baby,

    • John

      He wasn’t “trying to be nice”. He changed his story so as to look like less of a bad guy given the fact that he had supposed proof against him (the truck driver’s dashboard camera, which I would love to see the footage of), and he feigned ignorance regarding EVERYTHING he did wrong despite having acknowledged it in the first half when he was unaware he was being recorded, claiming he was “allowed” and trying to fool a citizen into believing he actually was above the law. And then he had the audacity to try to make the truck driver BE GRATEFUL for not abusing his power as he originally intended to.

      He’s a weasel, and you’re an enabler.

  • ModZ

    Does anyone else think that it was a bribe for the officer to give him a “clean” inspection? and that it would look good for his company?

    • John

      Absolutely. The officer was a complete weasel as soon as he learned there was actually proof against him in the form of the truck driver’s dashboard camera.

  • Chubby Kid From South Park

    There is at least one SLC cop who lives in Tooele County and routinely commutes on I-80 at speeds around 100 mph.

  • Chubby Kid From South Park

    Look at that dirty pig hassle the citizen because HE got busted. Worthless thug.

  • Dona

    This comment is for Destiny, a officer here in salt lake city, UT did in fact hit and kill a woman a while back while on his phone and on his computer.However this case was settled out of court with a huge payout and the taxpayers paid the bill.

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  • Sean huston

    Guy shouldn’t have been so rude in my opinion. This cop really wasn’t that bad and was taking fault. Why even pull the cop over like that. What an idiot. I hate most cops and our current police state, but this cop seems decent and this driver is an idiot.

  • Raymond

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