Presbyterian churches in Utah have mixed reactions to vote allowing same-sex marriages

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Same-sex couples in Utah will now be welcome to wed in some Presbyterian churches should such unions become legal in the state. A recent vote by national church officials is granting the clergy the right to marry same-sex couples.

The vote was made by the Presbyterian Assembly of Commissioners and makes the Presbyterian Church one of the biggest Christian groups in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriages.

Rev. Monica Hall of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Ogden spoke about the decision.

'It doesn’t mean every minister has to,” she said. “It just means if we are in a place where it’s legal then we are free to do that for any church member who so desires to be married in church, which is great. That’s gospel news right there.”

Hall said after her trip to Detroit for the vote, she is excited about the changes happening in her state and church.

“A voice for change, a voice for equality, a voice saying that everyone counts,” she said. “And that’s how this church is for sure at Trinity, everyone counts here. It doesn't matter who you are.”

Recently the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. had its biannual meeting in Detroit.

The assembly, which Hall attended, voted on the issue. They said opening the church to all couples was the direction they felt God was calling them. Hall said it's just an option and many conservative congregations and pastors may refrain.

“We have this great diversity in our church,” Hall said. “We have some who are theologically conservative, socially conservative and there are plenty that are more progressive. We are proud we can all live together and proclaim faith and still have these differences.”

But some Utah churches are leaving the fold, saying the denomination is ignoring biblical truth. Westminster Presbyterian Church in Fruit Heights was the first in Utah to leave. They call themselves the Mountain Road Church now, and they declined to comment for this story. A volunteer leader at Trinity Presbyterian said he hopes conservatives stick around.

“If pastors don`t want to perform same-sex marriages, that`s cool, and if they do that’s cool too, and I think giving that amount of room really makes our faith so much bigger,” said Kirk Pibasco, a lay pastor at Trinity.

FOX 13 News reached out to leaders of other local Presbyterian churches considered to be somewhat conservative, but none of those contacted wanted to speak on camera.


  • Arlee

    So that’s why so many Presbyterians are joining the Church of Jesus Crist of Latter-Day Saints!

    • Arlee

      If we shoul be so mis-fortunate that homosexual knot tiers prevail in the courts, if one Presbyterian Minister marries him and him the law suits will require ALL Presbyterian Minister to do the same. If bakers and photographers can be sued and win, then go figure! Beware all Christians!

  • Too Many Mormons

    Homosexuality is no more shunned than eating shellfish or wearing clothing of mixed fabric in the bible. It is the hatred of the members of these so-called christian sects that is what denounces homosexuality. I don’t see you people picketing outside of Long John Silvers or Mr. Mac. Indeed, your book of fairy tales condones the murdering of children and outlines the proper parameters for owning slaves more directly than it addresses marriage.

    Of course, you guys think that you invented the idea of marriage, that it wasn’t something stolen from the Pagans that came before.

    You don’t get to dictate to citizens of a secular nation that they must live their private lives in accordance with your personal hatred. In less than a decade, I guarantee we are going to see same gender families being married and sealed in the temples of the local predominant faith.

    And all of you who are currently bashing on their lifestyle will be pretending that you never had a problem with it.

    The two-facedness and inability to think for yourselves is disgusting and sad.

  • Patriot

    Well, the bible your alphabet soup group has at your multi-colored used goods store must have had the pages torn out about Lot and Sodom and G.

    If Pagans had homosexuals or homosexual unions then it died out after one generation. No procreation or aids.

    Yes we do get to dedicate morals. That’s why you all’s are still single in Utah. :-)

    Hold your breathe till your guarantee happens.

    And PS: I wrote this myself because somebody has to tell you like it is. Calling a spade a spade,. And we are taking our rainbow back. :-)

    • Patriot

      Oh, bye the way, this Nation started out as a Christian nation, is a Christian nation and will forever be a Christian nation. “in God We Trust!” Nash your teeth all you will.

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