New Jersey woman violently assaulted in front of her 2-year-old son [GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING]

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SALEM, N.J. — A New Jersey woman was beaten by another woman Tuesday as her 2-year-old son watched in horror, PIX11 in New York reports.

One of the bystanders made a video recording of the attack (above). However, the only person who made an effort to stop the attack was the young boy.

According to CNN, the police chief in Salem said the fact that no one else tried to intervene is clear evidence of “moral and social breakdown in the fabric of our society.”

The victim, Catherine Ferreira, suffered a broken nose, cuts, bruises and has limited vision in her left eye as a result of the attack, the PIX11 report said.

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  • grace

    Wow record video and do nothing seriously people what if it were daughter and grandson????did they at least call police before recording??? So so sad

  • Ron

    Have we as a society really become so immune to violence that we allow a baby to be the only one to step in and try to help. I dont blame video games or movies, I blame our idea of what parenting should be. Are we teaching our kids that it is better to do the right regardless of what everyone else is doing? Do we teach them that if you have the means, the ability and the strength to help those that are lest fortunate than us, that it should be done?!?! I have to agree with this Police Chief and say there is something extremely wrong with society today.

  • amanda

    Oh my, this really makes me feel sick to my stomach. It honestly makes you look around at the people walking down the streets or just on the sidewalk, or talking with their friends, and wonder about how many of them would be corrupted and sick enough to stand by and let something like this happen while they take out their phones and cheer for the fight to continue so they have good footage for social media networking. Its atrocious and disgusting. What is wrong with you society? What makes you think that social media likes and popularity from your friends, neighbors and people you dont even know could ever take priority over another human being in pain or danger? Did those likes and shares for this benefit you? Or perhaps you like keeping keepsakes to show your grandchildren or descendants that you’re the type of person who would just stand aside like a coward or an immoral rat and allow something like this to take place. I hope karma comes back around to all the participants and bystanders in this video who did nothing and teaches them a lesson for their negligence.

  • Debi Rice-Wheeler

    This is yet another case of “you are on your own” in today’s society. Law enforcement is overworked and understaffed, people on the street don’t want to get involved or, as in this case, are more interested in hits on their YouTube account than helping another citizen. Just wait until the government succeeds in taking the weapons from law abiding people and leaves them in the hands of ruthless criminals. Arm yourself, learn to shoot, and by all means FIGHT against any effort to rob you of your constitutional rights.

    • reasin

      That makes absolutely no sense. What would a gun or two have done in this situation? The mom would have to have been able to pull the gun out before she was beaten to the ground. Are you then saying that everyone with a gun should pull it out everytime someone approaches them? Or would the attacker just assume “maybe she has a gun” and not do anything?… Well maybe the attacker could have had a gun too… infinite number of possibilities if there were guns involved, and not many of them would be good. Please explain how a gun would have produced a better outcome. I’m not against guns, I just don’t see how this has anything to do with guns. Your comment is a prime example of why the “pro gun” community is so scrutinized by the other side. I’m sure you feel the same about “liberals” but both sides are really just spouting nonsense. And in this case, I’d go along with the liberals. People that say “mom gets beat up in font of kid = add guns for everyone” are not people I feel comfortable having access to firearms. I don’t own a gun but I have used them many times…. and not one of those times was for public interaction.

  • New Jersey

    Oh my God, make me feel sick to your stomach. Honestly you look around in the streets, or just on the sidewalk, or talk to your friends, and ask about how many people are injured and sick enough to stay and leave a little something like this happen while their phones and congratulations to the battle to continue if they have a good sequence for social media networks. It is horrible and disgusting. What happens to your business? What makes you think fan of social networking and the popularity of your friends, neighbors and people who do not even know you should never take precedence over another person in pain or danger? Are these flavors and promotions? Or maybe you keep as a souvenir to show your grandchildren or descendants who are you the type of person who just stay away like a coward or immoral rat and let something like this happen. I hope karma comes back to all participants and spectators in this video that has nothing and teach them a lesson for their negligence.

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