Story of girl asked to leave KFC after mauled by Pit Bulls might be ‘Kentucky Fried Hoax’

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JACKSON, Miss. - Officials are now saying a story that has enraged the nation might actually be a hoax.

News came out weeks ago that 3-year-old Victoria Whilcher was allegedly asked to leave a Jackson, Mississippi, KFC because her facial scars were frightening other customers.

Now the Washington Post is reporting the story might be made up, a "Kentucky Fried Hoax," according to the Laurel Leader-Call.

However, family members maintain the story is true.

WAPT 16 News reports the 3-year-old girl is recovering after she was dragged and mauled by two dogs in her grandfather’s backyard.

According to the Washington Post, several anonymous sources told the paper the story the grandmother told to a local TV station doesn't match the facts.

The family posted their story on Facebook which stated the attack left little Victoria's face half paralyzed and caused her to lose an eye.

The post originally stated the girl and her grandmother were asked to leave a KFC location that had been closed for years.

Victoria’s aunt Teri Rials Bates, who maintains the page, later said it happened at another location on Woodrow Wilson Drive near the Jackson hospital where Victoria went for treatment, according to the Washington Post.

The Post reported security footage from that KFC and another near the hospital doesn't show anyone matching Victoria's description at the restaurant that day.

Officials also said none of the orders taken that day match what the grandmother said she ordered for
Victoria, mashed potatoes and a sweet tea.

MORE: See the full story from the Washington Post here


  • Christopher Beebe

    This is perposterous! I find the whole thing of calling the sequence of events a hoax even more enraging than the single KFC incident by itself. The officials who call it a hoax had better stop, if they know what’s good for the little girl.

  • Mike Hunt

    What does this story and the LDS church have it common? Both are fake and created to obtain money and notoriety…

  • Janea

    If FOXnews reported on a hoax report – that person and producer should be fired immediately!! How dare you do this to this little girl!

  • Cartman

    The family started a fundraiser Facebook page with a goal of $10,000. When that was met, they raised it to $20,000. They kept on raising the goal. They’re over $250,000 at this point, and still going. This after the 10 pit bulls in the grandparents’ trailer attacked the little girl.

    White trash. Shakedown. It’s not the little girl’s fault. But this is so obviously a shakedown it’s crazy. I don’t believe for one splintered second that any KFC manager would do that.

    What’s more, of so many people were “freaked out” then why is there no security footage to back this story up? Why have no independent witnesses come forward?

    It’s a HOAX. Again.

  • jewlzzz

    OH I think at what they charge any dumb A S S wiiling to pay their prices is getting the shakedown, and after their ability to so effectively cut costs by using a supplier that stomps the chickens to death instead of humane slaughtering…… Whatever

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