Woman arrested in latest Provo bank robbery, most of money returned

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PROVO, Utah –  Officials have arrested a woman accused of robbing a Provo bank Tuesday afternoon.

Provo officers said 24-year-old Freeda Coleman, of Richfield, is accused of going to the Chase Bank on S. University Ave. near 1200 S. with a note demanding money.

Bank clerks told police the note stated she wanted cash, $100 bills.

Officials said Coleman left the bank in a car a man was driving.

Police caught up to the pair and arrested Coleman for robbery.

Officers said most of the money stolen has been returned.

Earlier Tuesday police arrested suspects accused in the previous hostile takeover-style bank robberies.


  • Bob

    Freeda is 24-years old? Either they have the wrong photo or else Freeda has been on illegal pharmaceuticals way too long.

    • Lala

      LOL BOB u r exactly right freeda is not 24 years old she is 34 years old and yes she has been on illegal pharmaceuticles way to long haha haha I only happen to know cause I was there when this all went down and was a suspect cause I was wearing a green head band at the k mart across the parking lot from the chase bank this happened at

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