1 dog dead after suffering from dehydration, fire officials say

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SALT LAKE CITY -- One dog is dead after suffering from dehydration on a Salt Lake City trail Tuesday evening, officials said.

Two dogs were being walked by a family friend on the Living Room Trail when they started to suffer from dehydration.

Salt Lake City firefighters hiked two to three miles above the University of Utah to treat the animals.

Jasen Asay with Salt Lake City Fire said the 140-pound dogs had to be carried down the trail.

Firefighters were only able to successfully treat one of the pets.

Fire crews said there was no shade for anyone on the trail and temperatures were close to 90 degrees.

Asay said hikers need to bring enough water for them and their pets when going on a hike.

The surviving dog has been reunited with its owner.


  • Suzanne

    The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. What kind of idiot takes a dog out walking in 90 degree temps with NO water/shade??? It’s not rocket science people. If you’re hot, so is your dog! If you’re thirsty, so is your dog! Animals suffer so needlessly at the hands of humans, its a complete disgrace. A little kindness and compassion goes a long way. Animals don’t ask for much – a little food, water and care. If you can’t handle the responsibility, don’t get a pet! And if you’re responsible for the care of someone elses pet, then be responsible!! What a sad story. Animal cruelty and neglect charges seem to be in order here. Thank God for the firefighters that came to the rescue and were able to save one of the dogs.

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