Videos: Bigfoot sighted near Sundance, Utah?

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A YouTube video posted recently claims a possible Bigfoot sighting near Sundance, Utah. The original video above shows the encounter, and the second video shows the footage while slowed down. What do you think about the footage?

Those who posted the video, AnytingWhatever, have several other versions of the footage on their channel that show the encounter at different speeds and levels of zoom. The video posters described the incident in an email to FOX 13 News:

“The footage was shot on the 15th of June sometime around 11pm. We had gone for a drive on the Alpine loop to see the sunset, then on the way back down thought we saw something. So we made a Uturn and that is when we started recording.  We didn’t know we had actually captured anything until we got back home and looked at it on a larger screen. We wanted to stay there longer or get out and look but at 11pm it was pretty dark and that road is pretty thin so we didn’t,  we just left.”

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