Viral Video: World’s largest slip ‘n slide? Could be! Crazy cliff ride filmed in Utah

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  • Mike Holland

    Jason is right – using soap for this stunt is environmentally unfriendly & I’m sure runs afoul of NPS regs on Lake Powell. Only a matter of time before these folks will get some heat for what I’m sure would be considered illegal activities in a protected environment. And that’s before someone gets hurt or killed requiring a govt emergency response & investigation.

  • Jason

    Although this is pretty awesome, I am pretty sure these guys will get screwed for doing this. Not only are they using soap, but it is illegal at lake powell to cliff jump at that height. Too bad cause it looks fun.

  • Mark

    I want to know whose backyard has that setup Sara. Otherwise I’m going to Lake Powell to try this out!

  • JGEE

    Mike, Sara, Jason, you are a bunch of losers! Hoping people die from having fun Sara, shows that you are a true POS! You must be mad you only have your 6 ft slip N slide! Haha
    Mark, I’m with ya!

  • Matt

    Mike, Jason, Sara,. They are not using soap! Its called boot butter and anyone who know anything about wakeboarding or water skiing knows its 100 percent environmentally friendly. Don’t cast judgment when you don’t know what your talking about! Sara sounds like a complete B! What kind of a witch would wish death on these guys for having fun? Sara’s just jealous that they have way more fun doing stuff like this than she will ever have enjoying the sights from the shore without a boat.

  • Charlie

    I don’t care what it is they’re using….that massive oil slick in the bay definitely looks environmentally friendly!!!

    • Matt

      That massive oil slick your referring to is called algae you idiot. Obviously you’ve never been on Lake Powell.
      To all the haters on this board. This group did not do anything to harm the environment so get over yourselves! It must be painful for you to watch people go out, have fun and enjoy themselves so all you can do is find something to complain about. You all should try and get a life!

  • Captain Clint

    It’s not 50′ by the way, more like 40′ and it’s in labyrinth canyon, other than breaking the 15′ foot jump rule in Glen Canyon National Recreation “Lake Powell” they have not broken any regulations and they have not polluted the lake, the brown slick of float sum at the bottom of the jump is debris brought in naturally by flash floods (not algae Matt. ) . If you really wanna see Lake Powell check it out by a company called Hidden Canyon Kayak.

  • Scott

    That’s how the environmental extremists are. They care more about, “no” not the environment, but hearing themselves protest and thinking they are doing the world a favor!

  • Claudia

    Awesome!! Brings back many Lake Powell trip memories with our teen age children. Thank You Devin for the memories.

  • Someone Anon

    Does anyone know what this song is called & who it’s by?? I want to download it! I love it. :) Thanks!!

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