4 arrested for weapons, here’s why one suspect is getting lots of extra attention

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Photo of: Jeremy Meeks. Image courtesy Stockton Police Department via Facebook.

Photo of: Jeremy Meeks. Image courtesy Stockton Police Department via Facebook.

STOCKTON, Calif. — The Stockton Police Department posted a mugshot of a man on their Facebook page Wednesday and the man’s photo went viral–attracting nearly 30,000 likes in about a day.

Stockton Police Department officials stated that Jeremy Meeks was arrested as part of an Operation Ceasefire enforcement mission, and when the man’s photo was posted to the department’s Facebook page it garnered more than 2,400 shares and almost 29,000 likes in just over 24 hours.

Comments on Stockton PD’s post regarding the man seemed to revolve around the man’s appearance, with many saying the man was “sexy” or commenting on his striking eyes.  A photo of another suspect arrested in the same operation received only 538 likes and 22 shares in the same time period.

FOX 13 News’ sister station FOX 40 also posted the man’s photo, and that post was liked more than 210,000 times and shared more than 37,000 times.

According to the Stockton Police Department, the man was arrested on a felony weapons charge. Three other individuals were arrested during the operation for felony weapons charges: 22-year-old Terry Bailey,  18-year-oldJuzri Coleman and 44-year-old Joelin Coleman. Click here for more details on the operation from the Stockton Police Department.


  • Tresa

    Furthermore, shame on the “Media” I know there are far more important stories to post than this. You guys “Media” are going to make any half descent guy out there wanting to get arrested so he can get on fb and the news.. To bad “journalism” is dead. I liked to hear a actual good story. Why go out and find one when you have FaceBook..

    • ichkanns

      Chill out. If they’ve wasted their time writing the story, what have you done by reading the story and commenting on it to complain that it isn’t important enough?

  • Mel

    As a women I am so embarassed…The women are swarming to this and for the life of me i can’t figure why? no job no goals in life a career criminal and if you have children someone who might endanger their well being…Women amaze me they want independence, They want same pay, they want men to treat them like this and like that yet…they are swooning over this parasite of society….Really????? So we want to work hard make our own money to fill commissaries..and to save ourselves for conjugal visits…SMH then they wonder WHY ME???????? When they come home to empty homes and children dead on their couches.Let me remind your dumb asses You want thugs!!!!! Women today make me ashamed of being one.

    • es

      I do think anyone should be saying ‘shame on women’ or blowing this out of proportion. The police department posted a mug shot, everyone commented on his physical apperance. Saying he was hot, everyone knows hes a criminal, they are merely stating on his ‘celebrity looks’, and yeah he should be a model, he has a the face. Its ok to tell someone how attractive they are, or how smart, or how great. Heres looking to positive!

    • adkja

      It has nothing to do with life or goal.they don’t want to marry this guy. It just eye candy ….so get off of your soap box.

      • thelady44

        Soap box you twit?????? Only eye candy Is that why there is almost 6,000 in his fundraiser…pls there is eye candy everywhere u don’t need to drool over a convict unless your desperate…So back up off my soap box

  • Chrissy

    I don’t know why everyone is so upset. I’m sure everyone knows he’s a convict but what does that have to do with him being attractive? He’s a nice looking guy, no one said he was boyfriend/ husband/ father material!

  • Jennifer

    I’m soooo sick and tired of hearing on the news about how “cute” this guy is. Let’s move on to some real news. Thank you, ladies.

  • Kelly

    It’s too bad his life is headed in a negative and difficult direction. He could have been a model and possible actor because he is very attractive.

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