Fairview residents mourn death of Marilee Poulson

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SANPETE COUNTY, Utah -- The small town of Fairview is mourning the death of Marilee Poulson who was killed in an apparent murder-suicide Monday night, officials say.

According to the Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office, Poulson’s son Kyle, 27, shot her then himself inside their home.

None of the family’s friends or neighbors would talk about what happened or how they will remember Poulson. They did say Poulson was active in her church and the wife of an influential business man.

The sheriff’s office declined to comment on camera about this case.

The sheriff’s office did tweet out, “Our deepest heartfelt condolences go out to the family during this time.”

The tweet also stated the sheriff’s office was waiting for the state medical examiner’s office to make a final determination on whether it was a murder-suicide.

The investigation is ongoing.


  • Cartman

    27 years old, which means he had plenty of time to get his life in order regardless of his upbringing. So there is nobody to blame but HIM. No possible way anyone can blame his parents. And instead of just ending his own life, the creep took his mom with him.


    • Sew

      What occurred is a horrible tragedy, regardless of how or why it occurred. Kyle was not a creep, was not a loser, and most certainly is not deserving of you making conclusory accusations and disparaging him in his and his mother’s memory. This family has suffered a devastating loss. I’m not sure how it is in any way productive or considerate to make such statements at this time. Please— have some respect and maturity. A family has just lost their mother and son.

  • Skrawli

    I hope my family will be as loving, kind and giving as this family has always been. If you have negative remarks keep them to your self.

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