Are boys or girls more expensive?

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SALT LAKE CITY — It’s no secret raising a child is challenging.

While it is very rewarding, it’s also very expensive; approximately $240,000.

That’s according to  the U.S. Department of Agriculture, cited by the Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

It reported  “a middle income family with a child born in 2012 will spend about $241,000 ($301,970 adjusted for projected inflation) on child-rearing expenses for the next 17 years.”

So who costs more to raise, boys or girls?

Turns out, there’s no clear answer because it depends on several factors.

Wall St. Cheat Sheet delved into the topic and found that girls spend more on vanity but boys often spend more on sports and food.

According to Money Magazine, raising a girl might be the better bargain in the long run.
The magazine reports that adult females are less likely to need financial help from their parents.

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  • not yours

    Interesting, “The magazine reports that adult females are less likely to need financial help from their parents.” My experience has shown this to be true. Both son’s at times have asked for “loans”. Have yet to “borrow” to the two daughters. However my experience is that the girls were more expensive overall, but not by much when accounting for the food. :-)

  • Finny Wiggen

    “While it is very rewarding, it’s also very expensive; approximately $240,000.”

    This is such BS!! It doesn’t cost a fraction of that to raise a child. I am a father of seven children. I have taken my family to Disneyland eleven times in the last ten years. Not to mention a number of other trips. My children are involved in figure skating, which is an extremely expensive sport. My children also take music lessons.

    Two of my kids have braces, one had heart surgery, another has epilepsy, which requires expensive medication… Despite all of this, I don’t even come close to spending $7,777 a month on my kids. ($240,000 / 18 years / 12 months * 7 kids)

    Even when considering economies of scale, and if we only had 1 child, there is no way we would spend $1,111 per month on that child!!

    A closer to reality number would be something on the order of $150 a month per child, which includes food, lessons, clothes, etc. Maybe $200.

    To spend as much as this article claims it costs to raise kids, I would have to purchase kids gold plated iPhones and feed them caviar!

    • Cartman

      Disabled 18 year old, hooked up to a ventilator and rolling in a $15,000 chair, and two adopted daughters from overseas who cost $40,000 just to bring here. And you’re right: Their “estimate” is wildly exaggerated. Who is spending that kind of money?

      I suppose if you pay their way through Harvard then MAYBE, but they aren’t “kids” at that point. They’re adults. So college doesn’t count.

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