U.S. Supreme Court hands down blow to gun rights activists today

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The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against a Virginia man who made a “straw purchase” of a handgun on behalf of his uncle in another state.

In a 5-4 decision closely watched by gun rights advocates, the court ruled the “actual transferee/buyer” must disclose any intent to resell at the time of purchase.

At issue is whether any such misstatement is “material” to the otherwise lawfulness of the sale, the kind of information that should be kept by a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Federal authorities say Bruce Abramski, a former police officer, illegally told a Virginia gun dealer he was the “actual buyer,” then sold the Glock weapon to his uncle in Pennsylvania. Abramski said the law goes too far, since both he and his relative are legally able to own the weapon.


  • Bob

    The Supreme Court also needs to restrict gun punches by the LDS, otherwise they will continue to gun down “sinning” non-followers.

  • Bob

    Be careful around state liquor stores, innocent non-cult followers may be gunned down by LDS Cult Members for entering that place of sin…

  • Chuck

    You seem to have a complex with LDS people, Bob. Why don’t you go out and get yourself a life, find something worthwhile to live for and quit obsessing with single event happenings in Oregon. Maybe you could spend some time trying to figure out why our current president is trying so hard to destroy this country and everything that patriots have struggled to build for so many years. You could put your pathetic energies into doing something that might actually help your fellow countrymen. What a tool!

      • TrollBait

        C’mon, Bob. We all know that after your last unfortunate run-in with a Mormon you can’t… uh… well… tag anything. Not even yourself. It’s sad to say, but you did lose the once-most important 1.75″ piece of your body.

  • Chuck

    I knew you could do better than your first sad attempt at showing the entire world your room temperature IQ. Keep at it Bob, Your doing so well. I’m sure your family is so proud of you! My mom passed away 7 years ago… You were probably mistaken and were “tagging” your own mom. The apple don’t fall far from the worm infested tree…

  • Ely Summers

    This is actually a very logical opinion. As a defender of the 2nd Amendment clearly someone should NOT be able to purchase a firearm for someone else – ever.

    • TrollBait

      And legally, they can’t. Straw purchases have been illegal forever. Only Fox could say this was a blow for gun rights activists–gotta get the readers clicking. It’s the supreme court ruling that, yep, the law of the last thirty years is still the law. Big deal.

  • Michael

    So your saying If I found a good deal and know a relative that was looking for a certain model I shouldn’t be able to buy it? As long as I follow the rule of telling them so that both of us are legally on the paperwork then there isn’t a problem. I can buy what I want. But I agree that if there buying for illegal people if shouldn’t be allowed. Just follow the paperwork correctly, simple as that..

    • TrollBait

      You can’t buy it for them because it would be a straw purchase. If you mark the form with your legal intent to straw purchase your purchase request will be denied and you won’t buy the gun. You can call your relative and have them go and buy it–your only legal option. This all assumes a purchase from an FFL seller. A private seller doesn’t have to ask you anything. Like, say, a straw buyer who is now unloading his gun to you.

  • Mark Snuff

    How is this a “blow to gun rights activists’ this makes total sense. I can’t legally buy fireworks in WY to set them off in Utah, or buy booze to resell to a teenager. Buying a gun to re-sell someone else? Yeah, should be illlegal, makes sense.

    • TrollBait

      Dude buying a gun to sell to someone else has been illegal for over three decades (as in, felony illegal). Of course prosecutions for doing so stopped nearly entirely when Obama took office–go figure that one out. So it’s not a ‘blow’ to gun rights at all; it’s just asserting that the law is the law.

  • Cartman

    I wonder if there are any other things that you can legally own but aren’t allowed to sell to other people who can also legally own them.

    Selling a gun is legal…..unless, apparently, you bought it from a licensed dealer. Bizarre.

    Here’s a crazy thought: Why don’t we just make it illegal to SHOOT PEOPLE, and leave it at that? Oh, wait….it’s already illegal.


    I, I I like…..little boys, they make me feel so (uh! uh!) good! I, II like…..little boys, they make me feel so (uh! uh!) bad!

  • Patriot

    Looks like the alphabet soup group that is un married and will stay that way are looking for another venue to exercise their moronic hatred. Soon the point of the mountain will have a few more homosexual pedofiles as permanent residents. :-)

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