Salt Lake City woman arrested for allegedly trying to kill man with Samurai sword

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Davis, Natasha L# 313326 mugSALT LAKE CITY – A Salt Lake woman is in custody after police said she allegedly tried to kill a man with a Samurai sword.

Officers said 25-year-old Tasha Davis was arguing with a neighbor near 1100 S. and 400 E. when things quickly escalated.

According to police, Davis went to her apartment and returned wielding a 27-inch Samurai sword.

Police said Davis attacked the victim, repeatedly swinging the long sword at him.

The man blocked one of the swings with his arm, giving him a large gash.

Davis’ boyfriend grabbed her and held her until officers arrived.

Police said they found the bloodied victim and arrested Davis for attempted murder.



    • TrollBait

      No way, dude. If she was LDS he would be split in two. Those Mormons know how to commit proper mayhem.

  • Wendy

    Bob, it is COMPLETELY unnecessary for you or anyone else to being the LDS church or ANY other church into this story. If you don;t agree with, or like the LDS church then LEAVE IT ALONE and quietly WALK AWAY. It stuns me that people who hate us can NEVER leave us alone. It is stupidity at its finest

    • ¿

      Wendy, it is because the Cult Church cannot leave Utah alone… If the LDS Church just paid attention to their own business and stopped pushing moral laws onto normal Americans, you would not get so much push back! The LDS Church brought on this by pushing your nose into everything in Utah…

      • TrollBait

        If Normal Americans would just stop coming to the place that the Mormons founded there’s be no need to get up all in their faces. Normal Americans kicked ’em out of Normal America and then as soon as they founded Zion, Normal America came banging on the doors. Sheesh, take a history class whyncha?

  • TrollBait

    I didn’t know that hilling someone was a crime, especially when done with a long. That must be some Mormon thing. A long what, I’m not sure, because 27″ isn’t exactly long for a Samurai sword. And her attempt at violence absolutely is pathetic. Attacking an unarmed man with an obvious assault weapon should result in total decapitation and dismemberment. Here we have only a single gash. What a n00b. She’s giving sword fighters a bad name.

      • TrollBait

        It totally does. That’s why I’m sure you’re a Mormon. You attack everybody equally. You’re a universal, equal-opportunity, hater. Preach on, Brother Bob!

  • TrollBait

    I’ll bet she wishes she hadn’t dug out that big zit below her left eye on the day of her mugshot. She looks terrible, even for somebody who just attempted murder.

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