Woman’s funeral takes form of party, complete with beer and cigarettes

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NEW ORLEANS — A New Orleans woman attended a final party in her honor, complete with a case of beer and a menthol cigarette.

The party was Miriam Burbank’s funeral, and WGNO reports the woman’s two daughters said their mother was so full of life that they wanted her funeral to reflect that.

The girls call their mother Mae Mae, and they said they worked with funeral directors to put together a funeral they thought their beloved mother would enjoy, and the result included cigarettes, beer, puzzles and New Orleans Saints themed fingernails. See the video above for images of the unique funeral, and click here for more on this story from WGNO.


  • carm

    This is what I want when I pass. For my close family and friends to have a party. I don’t want nobody that’s not been close to me when I pass.

    • jewlzzz

      Yeah this coming from the state that had the first church sanctioned brothels, MORAL????
      Please excuse me while I SWALLOW!!!!! Forgive the pun. Welcome to Utah more skilled than the nazis with their BS propaganda…..

      • Lindsay

        What does any bit of this story have to do with the church? Why does every comment have to go back to the church. You don’t have to live here and there are actually more non Mormons than Mormons here. FYI. You don’t need to be so ignorant. This state was basically moved forward by Mormons and that is why the headquarters are here and yes a lot of people who have chosen the faith but I bet if you take the time to get to know a few of the people, you’ll learn that some aren’t so judgemental. The only thing that bugs me is if you drink or whatever and then go to church and act like you’re doing nothing wrong. I choose not to do those things and I choose to be Mormon. No one forced me and no one in forcing you to be around all these ‘cult’ members. You don’t like it, don’t involve yourself. Move. You clearly don’t get the difference between the Nazis and the LDS Church and you clearly don’t have a clue about life in general.

    • Cartman

      Wow….I understand that liberals are consumed by hate, but this is a bit of a stretch. Turning a story about a weird “viewing” in New Orleans into an anti-Mormon screed? Obsessed much?

  • Cartman

    It’s just a viewing. The only difference is that this corpse is sitting up.

    All funerals are weird. I’ve never been able to get into the Cult of the Dead. I’ve thought about asking that my body be cremated without fanfare, and my ashes dumped in the nearest trash receptacle. (Why enshrine the body that failed me?) But then I realized that, since I’ll be dead and it won’t matter to me, folks might as well do as they please. Whatever it takes to get them through the experience.

    So whatever……put me in a box with the lid propped open, march by in procession and remark how lifelike I look, then go eat cheezy potatoes and jell-o salad. Whatever. I don’t think that’s any less weird than what these folks did with their mom.

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