LDS blogger and podcaster faces church discipline

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SALT LAKE CITY -- John Dehlin says he is a sixth generation Mormon on one side of his family and a fifth generation Mormon on the other.

Now he faces the possibility of being erased from the line.

Dehlin is a clinical psychologist best known as the host of a podcast called "Mormon Stories." He has also been instrumental in creating a number of other avenues for conversation about controversial topics within the LDS Church, including the podcasts "Mormon Matters," "Mormon Mental Health," and "Gay Mormon Matters."

Along with the podcasts, Dehlin is a longtime blogger and he helped start a forum called ""

He considers himself a reformer. Though straight himself, he advocates for gay rights and he encourages people to explore their doubts.

Dehlin received a letter from his stake president on Monday, asking him if he wanted to request that his name be removed from the roles.

The other option: a church disciplinary council.

"Hearing that my membership was in jeopardy made me feel very sad, very sick. It's kind of a devastating thing to go through," Dehlin said.

Dehlin provided a copy of the letter from his stake president, which said that Dehlin said things online that contradicted church doctrine.

"I have become concerned about some of your recent statements and actions...That includes your recent public posting...that you 'no longer believe many of the fundamental LDS church truth claims...'" said one part of the letter. The full letter is available as a PDF here: Letter from stake president to John Dehlin.

Dehlin said he has emailed King asking for a personal meeting.

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  • jim

    You either believe the scriptures or you don’t. Mathew24:24 describing these that days that even the very elect will be led astray as there are false christs and false profits. Harmonize the scriptures and you will find what it says about homosexuality and what happens to those that fight against Zion. These two are false teachers leading people astray and its sad. Get out your scriptures and study and harmonize them. Straight is the gate and narrow the way and few there be that find it.

    • Eric Cartman

      If spelling is required to get through that gate you’re in trouble. The word you’re looking for is “prophets.” False PROFITS has more to do with Enron.

    • Stormin

      I know of at least 15 false prophets on earth in just one segment of LDS inc. and they have at one time led 16 million people astray. Other false prophets in the other splinter groups have led away many also!.

  • Eric Cartman

    Publicly state you don’t believe and why wouldn’t they erase you? It’s a church.

    Seriously, people, get over yourselves.

  • Bob

    In his letter to his bishop John Dehlin writes that: “you not be considered a member of the ward”. Reminds me of the little boy who poked himself in the eye with his thumb on purpose and than went crying to his mommy about it.
    It would appear that Dehlin made several requests to his bishop, and that those requests will be honored.

  • Stormin

    Mormonism is a viscous cult and a SCAM. I think it is great they are showing their true colors. If John and Kate are to be excommunicated ALL inactives (75-80% of the church members) should all be excommunicated also! Additionally, when active I discovered as a gospel doctrine teacher very few actives really know the doctrine — so most of them should be excommunicated also for not knowing/believing the doctrine! The brethren must be nervous about the amount of defections but this will only ‘hasten the work ———- of defections”! Praise God!

  • Rebecca

    I’m an inactive non believing Mormon. But I don’t see anything wrong with this letter. The guy asked to be removed and asked to not be contacted so the bishop didn’t call and sent a note instead. All makes sense to me. I remember going to the temple and wondering how all these educated people could think all this made up tradition was true? THAT scared me right out of it… Not sure why this story is newsworthy. It’s just another Mormon not wanting to be Mormon.

  • TerryA

    I like John Dehlin, but I think it would be a good thing for him to have his name removed. Let him feel what it’s like and if he wants to come back later, he can. I suggest he read a little of Emmanuel Swedenberg’s writing about Heaven and Hell to get some direction.

    • Ms. Cartman

      Heaven and hell? You mean those made up places the churches preach to get their sheep to follow their rules? Evolve and wake up…

  • Nathan

    Why are we publicly publishing this kind of stuff. Isn’t this a private matter and why does the news need to cover a persons fellowship in a church?

    • Ms. Cartman

      Because the LDS church feels like it owns Utah, so any bad press is great for anyone who is tired of the cult acting like it runs Utah… Time to wake up and realize the LDS are losing the battle in America once again, maybe time to move somewhere else again. That was you can hate anyone who isn’t a white male and no one will say anything… Bigots.

      • Bob

        There are currently over 83,000 young men and women all over the world teaching people about the Man their church is named after. When it comes to morality they practice what they preach, and that makes them a minority.
        I find it interesting how many people who are filled with hate call others bigots.

      • Nathan

        1- Do you live in Utah? 2- Do you know an actual LDS person? 3- If you do, have you bothered to get to know them as a person? 4- If you were formally LDS why do you have such resentment? Did someone say something stupid because they are a person and make a mistake. Or did you go to enough anti mormon websites because they tell the “truth” and now have to hate on the church so bad to justify your decision of leaving it.

        Just because I have strong opinions against certain christian churches due to my experience, it doesn’t mean they are cults, bigots, and any other word. I don’t exclaim that they need to be kicked out of the state they are in. If you are a follower of christ, apparently you forgot what that means, and if you are not, you forgot what its like to be a human.

        Before you start making brash judgments, get to know us as a people.

      • *Eye roll* for MS CARTMAN

        You know, if you read what you just said, it only goes to show that you, in fact, are the bigot. You cannot group all 14 million members of the church into the same category. We don’t all act the same and treat others as badly as you do. Try actually getting to know someone LDS before you judge us all.

  • Bill Beveridge

    Being born to a LDS family doesn’t mean you automatically have knowledge enough to question and go against the teachings of the church. He knows that what he is doing is”going against” church doctrine. If the people who leave the church would just leave the church with out lashing out, every one would be happier.


    Because he advocates RIGHTS he becomes a scapegoat or rather admonished because his belief,
    The church needs to work on love and compassion like Jesus did!
    Why be a bunch of hypocrites?

  • Frank Davis

    The stake president needs to read his handbook of instructions. Asking for name removal should not be done if discipline is pending. Easier to get re-baptized if you just had your name removed than if you went through a disciplinary council. But then again, Utah Mormons seem to skirt the rules that the rest of us have to live by.

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