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Defense open to a plea deal in Martin MacNeill sex abuse case

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PROVO -- Convicted murderer Dr. Martin MacNeill made a brief appearance in court Thursday, only to have his hearings delayed.

But MacNeill's defense attorney signaled his client was open the possibility of a plea deal in the forcible sex abuse case against him.

"That all depends on what the plea deal would be," Randy Spencer told FOX 13. "We're discussing like we always do in cases like this, whether or not anything comes to fruition -- that remains to be seen."

MacNeill appeared animated at what was scheduled to be a pre-trial conference. Despite the happy outward appearance, Randy Spencer told reporters that his client is "not doing well." MacNeill remains in the Utah County Jail on suicide watch after having attempted to take his life last year.

MacNeill was scheduled to appear before another judge where his attorney was to argue for a new trial on the murder case. MacNeill's cases were delayed to give both prosecution and defense more time to prepare.

MacNeill's daughter, Alexis Somers, left the courthouse with Utah County prosecutors, declining to comment.

MacNeill was convicted last year of killing his wife, Michele, back in 2007. Prosecutors accused him of drugging and drowning his wife in order to continue an affair with another woman.



  • Bob

    I would have to agree with MacNeill’s defense attorney. Based on who he used to be and who he’s become he couldn’t be anything but unhappy.

  • Jenny Rose

    Based on who is was and who he is ??? The ONLY difference between the 2 is that now his facade is blown…his secrets are out and he is no longer Martin the Great…he is now seen for what he really is…and that is a scumbag imposter hiding behind his fake diplomas and micheles good name and her loving nature to adopt “4” more children…I can’t help but wonder who came up with the idea that Ava would be another adopted daughter…This case has had me from the the get go…I just cannot pull myself away from any information I can get luckily for me I live in provo so I was able to attend court everyday!!!

  • Lynn Myst

    Oh yeah, my client isn’t doing well! So what? And why do they keep bringing up the suicide attempt? They look like imbeciles, because the murderer was a doctor. Do you honestly think that if he wanted to be dead, he wouldn’t be? What a farce. Just another attempt to gain sympathy, for which there is none available for you, you degenerate killer!

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