‘Mountain Man’ burglary suspect gets 10 1/2 years in prison

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ST. GEORGE — The notorious “Mountain Man” burglary suspect, Troy Knapp, has been sentenced to more than a decade in prison.

During an appearance in U.S. District Court here, Knapp was sentenced to 10 1/2 years in federal prison on weapons charges, FOX 13’s Zach Whitney reports.

Knapp is due in 5th District Court later today where he is expected to strike a deal with state prosecutors on burglaries stemming across seven counties. He faces 45 counts.

Knapp, who gained notoriety for leading police on a lengthy cat-and-mouse game as he burglarized cabins, was arrested last year near Manti.

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  • Bob

    With a good behavior release (there is no parole in the Federal Prison System) he should be out in a little less than 9 years. Then he’ll be able to start his state sentence. If you want to live free off of society when you get out Mr. Knapp try going on to welfare.

    • Cartman

      I wish they’d stop calling him a “mountain man.” He’s a homeless bum, and a common burglar. Mountain Men were independent. This guy is a parasite.

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